Kat Hodgins


Name: Kat Hodgins

Title: Contributing Writer

Kat Hodgins is a freelance copy and content writer based out of Vancouver, Canada. This lifelong DIYer and hands-on learner has been a freelance writer for over a decade and a BobVila.com contributor since 2020. With an affinity for jumping headfirst into home projects and finding products that make home life easier, Kat’s major contributions to the Bob Vila team are in DIY ventures and home goods. 

Expertise and Experience

In her tenure as a professional writer, Kat has written for many companies, including BobVila.com, Dentex, Good Digital, Interesting Things, MarketOne, Nest Designs, Perk.com Canada, Run Wild My Child, This is LD, and more. 

Prior to freelancing, Kat was the copy editor at Canadian Aviator Magazine and a member on staff at OP Publishing Media Group. Proficient in writing SEO content, social media content, landing pages, sales letters, newsletters, brand statements, and more, Kat can take a complex idea and turn it into a digestible, enjoyable read for the target audience. 

Kat primarily writes content for home goods, DIY projects, health care, and luxury clothing. She’s also experienced in writing about tech, finance, high-end real estate development, outdoor living, and several trades.

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