Kat Hodgins


Name: Kat Hodgins

Title: Contributing Writer

Kat Hodgins is a freelance copy and content writer based out of Vancouver, Canada. This lifelong DIYer and hands-on learner has been a freelance writer for over a decade and a BobVila.com contributor since 2020. With an affinity for jumping headfirst into home projects and finding products that make home life easier, Kat’s major contributions to the Bob Vila team are in DIY ventures and home goods. 

Expertise and Experience

In her tenure as a professional writer, Kat has written for many companies, including BobVila.com, Dentex, Good Digital, Interesting Things, MarketOne, Nest Designs, Perk.com Canada, Run Wild My Child, This is LD, and more. 

Prior to freelancing, Kat was the copy editor at Canadian Aviator Magazine and a member on staff at OP Publishing Media Group. Proficient in writing SEO content, social media content, landing pages, sales letters, newsletters, brand statements, and more, Kat can take a complex idea and turn it into a digestible, enjoyable read for the target audience. 

Kat primarily writes content for home goods, DIY projects, health care, and luxury clothing. She’s also experienced in writing about tech, finance, high-end real estate development, outdoor living, and several trades.

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APRIL 7, 2023 | FRIDAY
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20 Candle Scents to Make the Inside of Your House Smell Like a Spring Garden

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12 Houseplants That Collect the Most Dust—and Why That's a Good Thing

It’s easy to assume that your indoor air is clean and safe. However, when sunlight hits a certain angle, you can see all the dust motes dancing in the air—even in the most immaculate home...

MARCH 27, 2023 | MONDAY
Stiltgrass: The New Invasive Weed That's Set on Taking Over Your Garden

Presumed to have been introduced to the U. S. as porcelain packing material from overseas shipping, Japanese stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum) has become one of the country's most damagi...

MARCH 24, 2023 | FRIDAY
7 Bat House Plans for DIY Mosquito Control

Bat populations are in decline, which is one reason homeowners should consider adding a bat house to their property. Having a bat house is mutually beneficial. Bats have a safe environmen...

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MARCH 14, 2023 | TUESDAY
20 Totally Free Ways to Start a Garden This Year

There are many benefits to gardening, including spending time outdoors, the satisfaction of growing plants from seed, relaxation and, of course, fresh vegetables to eat. Many new hobbies ...

MARCH 10, 2023 | FRIDAY
12 Camper Decor Ideas on a Budget

Nothing says adventure like hitting the open road in your camper. Have you updated the decor since you brought your camper home? You might be overdue for a style refresh. Whether you have...