Michael Franco


A creative director with Reader's Digest for ten years, also formerly serving as site editor for a division of About.com, Michael Franco has spent over a decade covering science, technology, hospitality and home improvement. His writing credits include Angie's List, Good Housekeeping, Consumer Reports, and National Geographic. A graduate of Ithaca College and Manhattanville College, with a BA in English and an MA in Creative Writing, Mr. Franco once owned and operated a bed and breakfast in Amish country. Today, he lives and works in Asheville, NC. Michael Franco on LinkedIn | Google +

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Entryway Blues? 5 Ways to Dress Up Your Front Door

Ostensibly, a home’s front door is there for one reason and one reason only: to let people come and go while keeping the inside environment secure and separate from the outside. But a fro...

JULY 23, 2013 | TUESDAY
How To: Replace a Toilet

There are many reasons to replace a toilet. Maybe it’s old or avocado green. Or maybe it rocks more than the Red Hot Chili Peppers when you sit on it. Or perhaps it uses more gallons per ...

JULY 12, 2013 | FRIDAY
Waterproof Gadgets to Revolutionize Your Shower Experience

Whether you want to watch TV, write a screenplay, or simply enhance your shower experience, these high-tech upgrades are sure to propel your bath into the 21st century.

Planning Guide: Patios

Patio. The word itself calls to mind an image of splendid sun-drenched days spent sipping chilled drinks under the welcome shade of an umbrella. From simple concrete slabs to colorful til...

JULY 1, 2013 | MONDAY
Stucco 101

Animal hooves and horns. Wheat paste. Urine. Beeswax. Rye whiskey.  No, these aren't the makings of a potent witches' brew. Rather, at one time or another in history, each was used in stu...

5 Old House Features Worthy of Resurrection

Popcorn ceilings. Shag carpets. Avocado green. Yes, we were probably right to leave behind many hallmarks of yesterday's home, but there are some that we may have been wrong to abandon. M...

JUNE 25, 2013 | TUESDAY
How To: Fix a Running Toilet

Nowadays, we don’t give much thought to our toilets, but there was a time when answering nature's call involved such things as porcelain pots and crude outhouses. The modern flushing toil...

New Tech for Old Homes: 5 Easy Upgrades

There was a time when someone who loves old homes would have found it tough to satisfy his inner high-tech geek. But with the proliferation of all things wireless, achieving a bit of the ...

JUNE 17, 2013 | MONDAY
Composite Decking 101

For what is meant to be a relaxing outdoor refuge, a deck can sure be a lot of work. Sanding, power-washing, refinishing: The demands are enough to make some homeowners wonder whether hav...

JUNE 11, 2013 | TUESDAY
How To: Repair a Leaky Faucet

The faucet—whether it's in the kitchen, bathroom, or behind the bar—acts like a mini dam, holding back a pressurized stream of water until you lift or twist the handle. According to the N...