Phillip Tinner


Name: Phillip Tinner

Title: Assistant Editor, Service,

A lifelong homebody, Phillip Tinner now puts his preoccupations with living space touch-ups and climate justice to better use at He joined the site’s world-class team in December 2021 and has since dedicated himself to highlighting the latest home improvement trends and explaining how to do just about anything around the house for readers.

Expertise and Experience

Phillip began his journalism career directly after finishing college, where he also picked up technical writing skills. Working as a freelance contributor, staff writer, social media manager, and editor along the way, he’s covered breaking entertainment news, trade shows, and been given opportunities to speak with truly exceptional people.

Having always maintained a passion for woodworking and DIY repair—and recently discovering the joys (and challenges) of growing a pollinator garden—Phillip now combines his passions to produce excellent content for’s inventive audience. Real estate, construction, and home appliance news and how-to guides are his current fixations, and he strives to keep readers on the cutting edge of sustainable living.

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