Savannah Sher


Name: Savannah Sher

Title: Contributing Writer

Savannah Sher started writing for in 2020 and has worked as a content writer since 2016. She specializes in home and gardening but also covers lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and pop culture for other publications. She writes both direct-to-consumer and B2B content. 

Expertise and Experience

Savannah is a freelance writer and editor who covers home improvement, lifestyle, wellness, and pop culture. Some of the DIY projects she has done can be seen in the feature that Apartment Therapy did on her home in 2016. Her guests have become accustomed to walls being repainted and furniture being moved around every time they visit. 

Savannah lives with her husband and three-legged rescue dog, Nori, who is the best coworker she could ask for. Check out Savannah's work and connect with her on her portfolio website or through LinkedIn.

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