Tom Scalisi


Name: Tom Scalisi

Title: Contributing Writer

Tom Scalisi is a freelance writer, author, and blogger with a passion for building. Whether it’s a DIY project or an entire website, Tom loves creating something from the ground up, stepping back, and admiring a job well done.

Expertise and Experience

Tom’s first experience working with tools was when he was around 8 or 9 years old, when he learned how to take old bikes apart, swap the parts, and create mismatched bikes that were barely rideable. As he got a little older, he fell in love with working on cars and building things, so he decided to go into the trades as soon as he could. He worked in the fire alarm industry, then in building maintenance and carpentry, and then ran his own contracting business for several years. He was also a police officer for a busy city agency where he served on the department’s emergency services unit as a negotiator.

Tom has been stockpiling tools of all sorts for as long as he can remember. He has a passion for hand tools and power tools alike, always needing to know more about them, how to use them, and how to get the most out of them. While he loves building and fixing, he also gets quite a thrill from using that knowledge of tools and techniques to craft a how-to or buyer’s guide that helps DIYers get things done.

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MAY 29, 2020 | FRIDAY
6 Things to Know About DIY Cabinet Refacing

If a full-on kitchen renovation isn’t in the cards right now, you can still give your cook space an impressive new look by refacing your existing cabinets. This affordable, relatively non...

MAY 27, 2020 | WEDNESDAY
The Best Ratchets of 2023

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The Best Scroll Saws of 2023

If you're needing to make intricate cuts for projects like jewelry boxes, wood signs, or birdhouses, your go-to carpentry tool may be a scroll saw. These specialty saws are considered ess...

MAY 26, 2020 | TUESDAY
The Roofing Tools That Are Most Important for Repairs

Homeowners rarely step foot on their own roofs. When roofing issues come up, most homeowners just hire out the job to a pro. The reality is that roofing jobs don’t have to be as intimidat...

MAY 25, 2020 | MONDAY
The Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors Tested in 2023

A home fire safety plan is incomplete without a set of carbon monoxide detectors, which sense this odorless, poisonous gas and alert residents to its presence. Without a comprehensive sys...

MAY 22, 2020 | FRIDAY
The Best Staple Guns Tested in 2023

The best staple gun could be just what you need for jobs where a nail gun would be overkill. Staples can penetrate and fasten weaker materials like plywood, sheathing, screen, or fabric w...

MAY 21, 2020 | THURSDAY
The Best DIY Security Systems for the Home

The safety of your home and its occupants should not be taken lightly. A security system is often the first line of defense against would-be home invaders aiming to steal valuables or int...

MAY 11, 2020 | MONDAY
10 Plastering Tools for Wall Installation and Repair

There tends to be a bit of mystery surrounding plaster walls. As a less popular material today, the act of plastering has become somewhat of a forgotten art. Skilled contractors are in re...

MAY 11, 2020 | MONDAY
How To: Install a Smoke Detector

Your home’s first line of defense against fires and smoke should be a trusty set of smoke detectors. These devices pick up on smoke in the air and alert you to its presence. The idea is t...

MAY 8, 2020 | FRIDAY
The Best Rotary Tools Tested in 2023

No workbench is complete without at least one rotary tool. These amazing devices are capable of drilling, sanding, cutting, glassworking, grinding, carving, and even cleaning. With the ri...