Donna Boyle Schwartz


Donna Boyle Schwartz is a well-known home furnishings writer and editor, who has worked with leading magazines and newspapers for more than 30 years. In addition to serving as Lifestyle Editor and News Editor for the Newburgh-Beacon Evening News, Ms. Schwartz also spent over a decade as Managing Editor of Home Furnishings News. An enthusiastic DIYer, she has a shed full of tools and a house full of projects. Donna Boyle Schwartz on LinkedIn | Google +

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Are We Finally Ready for Radiant Heat?

It's a good time for the building and remodeling industry! Just check out the most recent U. S. Census Bureau data, which shows that in the last year alone, single-family home starts are ...

AUGUST 28, 2017 | MONDAY
How To: Choose a Well Pump

In cities and suburbs, folks enjoy virtually uninterrupted access to clean, potable water. But if you live in one of the 15 million U. S. homes reliant on a well, you don't have the luxur...

Why HVAC Professionals Want You to Go Both Ductless AND Ducted

Homeowners looking to upgrade or modify an existing heating and cooling system are often confronted with a dizzying array of options and choices, starting with one seemingly either/or pro...

4 Considerations for Choosing and Installing a High-Velocity HVAC System

As the temperatures rise, homeowners across most of the country face the same dilemma: whether to turn on the noisy air conditioning and suffer the skyrocketing energy bills or sit throug...

11 Common Causes of House Fires and How to Prevent Them

Fire is one of the most fearsome and deadly calamities that can strike a home. According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 365,500 home fires occurred in America in 2015,...

JULY 31, 2017 | MONDAY
9 Ways to Pay Less for Home Insurance

Many consumers don’t pay much attention to the cost of homeowner’s insurance, simply accepting the fact that they have to pay steep prices to protect their biggest asset. That's a mistake...

JULY 31, 2017 | MONDAY
How To: Prepare for a Hurricane

Summer is upon us, and with it come visions of long lazy days relaxing in the sunshine. This summer weather, however, has an ugly and dangerous cousin: hurricanes. The latest forecast for...

JULY 31, 2017 | MONDAY
7 Things to Buy If You Want to Spend Less on Bills

Let's face it: Owning a home isn't cheap. You're on the hook for mortgage payments and property taxes, of course, as well as maintenance and repair expenses. Under typical circumstances, ...

JULY 25, 2017 | TUESDAY
Make Your Great Outdoors Great Again with 6 Easy, Clever Yard Hacks

Most of the year, you practically ignore the backyard, choosing instead to focus your repair and improvement efforts inside your home. Then, ironically enough, when the calendar finally f...

How To: Upgrade Your HVAC—Without Giving Up Your Ducts

Have your monthly energy bills risen in recent years? Are some rooms stubbornly hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, no matter the thermostat setting? Do you find yourself having ...