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06:37PM | 05/18/11
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We just had recessed lighting installed in the kitchen. One evening, we heard two loud pops from that area. No dimming of light, no circuit breaker problem. It happened again another day. Everyone is stumped as to what is causing it. Any ideas?


08:54AM | 05/21/11
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Most likely it's from expansion and contraction from heat from the lights.
What else could it be?


07:18PM | 05/21/11
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That could be it. A few of the bulbs are not exactly centered in the recesses. They may be too close to the edges, causing the noise. I think we will have them looked at again, and hopefully fix whatever this is. Thanks so much


04:26AM | 05/23/11
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Sounds like something in these recessed lights is not securely fastened down, so that when they heat up, something pops loose. It odes happen after they have been on for a while, and have heated up, right?

You should check these out, and see that all the fixture screws & connectors are completely fastened. Probably not a life-threatening problem, but if left unfixed it is likely to shorten the life of these fixtures or bulbs.


11:00PM | 05/23/11
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Your right..they had been on for a bit. I will have all of that checked, just to be on the safe side. Thanks so much for your time.


08:36PM | 02/15/12
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I think all you need to do is to fasten all the connectors securely and make sure the recessed lighting fits snugly in the hole. Hopefully you have already fixed this problem.

David -


09:38PM | 02/15/12
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We did. The electrician came out, and adjusted all the lights. Have not heard the noise again. Thanks so much for you time.


12:49PM | 04/24/12
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How old is your house? It could be a factor.


05:14PM | 07/05/13
Mine pop all also. Even when you turn them off for awhile.


07:55PM | 03/02/19
My recessed light pop immediately when I turn them on. The house is 5 months old.


10:00PM | 03/10/19
One of my recessed lights just started clicking. It started this morning, lights were off and have been all night. We haven’t changed anything and the house is about 8 years old. Afraid it may be something dangerous?? It continues when light is turned on as well. We’re keeping it off just in case but it’s still doing it.


01:55PM | 05/20/19
My house is 6 months old and only the kitchen recessed led lights pop as soon as they are turned on. The lights in the family room do not pop. I'm guessit must be a ground wire problem?


07:54PM | 06/05/19
We’re having the same issue and the electrician is stumped. Did the root cause for everyone get solved?


12:38PM | 09/05/19
Ours pop only when you turn them on after they have been off for awhile. Our kitchen, sometimes our livingroom, our hallways pop. Our home was built in 2007. Just bewildered why. We didn't have any problems until my husband changed our lighting to LED.


02:15AM | 10/25/19
Same issue with many rooms right when light us turned on or after off. Home us 4 months old


06:11PM | 01/16/20
What is it when you hit a popping and the lights are off


06:46AM | 03/31/20
Our house is 6 months old. Our kitchen and great room recessed lights click/pop when I first turn them on in the morning...quiet the rest of the day even when turning them off, so doubt it's heat related. I'm adding my voice to the other posts but have yet to see an answer.


12:58PM | 11/08/20
My LED bulbs pop one time in pot lights when turned on. Now they have popped at night when they are off.


12:31PM | 04/23/22
It is because of the voltage in the Led lights. Especially if you use a dimmer switch. I won't get I to it all but search on the web and you will understand why it happens.

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