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04:36PM | 07/11/11
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Recently lost any function in a number of outlets on one circuit in the kitchen. I was only running the coffee pot when it happened and the breaker did not trip. I used a receptacle tester and did not get any signal out of any outlet.


04:48PM | 07/11/11
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First test for a tripped gfci. If not then what you do is turn off the breaker for that circuit and open each box for that circuit and check for wires that came off the terminal or back wired"push in" connections that came off. Just make sure you turned off the correct breaker and check for power before you touch anything.Get yourself a non contact voltage tester they come in handy.


10:12AM | 07/14/11
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Not too long after we moved into Pandora's House, we had several outlets go dead, along with all the lights in the bedrooms. It nearly drove us nuts trying to figure it out until my uncle pushed the gfci in the bathroom. The guy that wired the fans and new plugs, put them all together. May not be your issue but it helped us when we thought outside the box (no pun intended).


01:50PM | 12/17/13
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Same problem - outlets along all of the walls in the basement are dead. No breakers appered to be tripped, but I reset all of them anyway and the power was restored to the outlets. A week later the same problem. Any idea of what is causing this?


03:03PM | 04/29/18
None of the outlets in my garage are working. I've reset the breaker many times even though it never did trip. There also doesn't appear to be any GFCI outlets associated with these oulets. Is it time to contact an electrician or is it possible that the actual breaker went bad?


12:01PM | 05/12/18
Please advise what you found out. I have this exact situation with no breaker tripped nor any GFCI outlets tripped.

Thanks in advance.



07:52PM | 10/09/18
My wife. Used over the stove microwave in the living room ,while kitchen being remodeled,this caused one side lower floor five outlets to go out I changed all five outlets check circuit breakers box everything appears on no trip help


07:41PM | 11/02/18
I'm looking at the same problem, but outside outlets I can't find the problem. Tested the GFI OUTLETS and then turned off everything. Now what? Aarrrgh!


04:01PM | 11/04/18
4 outlets went bad. , check breaker and it fine , change all four outlets , still same , check with tester and saying neutral , what to do


06:28PM | 11/22/18
First check your breaker panel for any tripped breakers. If you rule that out..

Then check your whole house for GFCI outlets. Maybe one has tripped somewhere and is on the same circuit as your dead outlets. Sometimes houses are wired strangely and outlets on opposite sides of the house are placed on the same circuit.

If you can rule out a GFCI tripping, then you might have to begin testing each outlet. To do this find the first outlet on the circuit and replace it. If that outlet works, but rest of circuit is dead, then progress down the line replacing outlets until you can find the outlet responsible for the problem. Many times outlets are daisy chained together and if one goes bad, it takes the rest "downstream" out. If you don't know how to change outlets or if you don't know how to trace circuits, then just call an electrician.

If none of the above works, then call an electrician. It could be a bad breaker that needs replacing or a wire that has broken. I don't recommend messing around with the breaker panel unless you're certified and experienced. Way too dangerous.


08:34PM | 02/24/20
4 outlets and 2 switches out. all along one wall. breaker not tripped, no gfi plug. How can I tell which plug or switch is first coming from junction box, or should I change all out????


09:43PM | 04/04/20

I have seven receptacles on the same circuit and only four work. What could the problem be?


03:35PM | 08/10/20
Did anyone figure this out? I removed a face plate this weekend in order to paint an interior wall. The outlet worked that morning, but stopped working when I was done painting. I thought it was just this outlet, but my wife then noticed three other broken outlets. All 4 in the kitchen.


01:42PM | 09/07/20
I disconnect my bathroom fan and now my plug for the razor not work any more why because my fan is disconnected and I put a new outlet and check my breaker still not work can you help me

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