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04:12PM | 11/02/11
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I occasionally smell what seems to be sewage in my house. It's usually in spring or fall when windows are open.

I try to keep all the traps full of water. That seems to help some, but isn't fullproof.

I've been told to check my air admittance valves. My house was built in '89, and I'm not sure if I have them, or just the vents through the roof.

Have been putting up with this off and on for some time.

Looking for solutions. Thanks.


11:50AM | 11/07/11
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I'm curious about this as well. We have it off and on in our 1976 house. We've had several suggestions given to us about what it might be (seem to match up to yours) but we've yet to find the solution.


03:58AM | 11/28/11
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I have recently been having this problem as well. About two weeks ago the house started smelling like eggs to the point where you had to leave because it would give you a headache. Now this only happens when you run the washing machine for the first time after it sits for a day or so. Now the layout if the kitchen is next to the washroom so the drain goes from the kitchen sink to the washroom and down into the foundation of the home. By the way we live in Orange California and we have a public sewer hook up. And so far I have tried cleaning the garbage disposal, snaking the vent pipe above the kitchen (which was clogged) as well as the vent pipe above the washroom. Oh......and by the way, this started about the same time our kitchen sink clogged up. I snaked it clear BUT the wife dumped Drain-O down the pipe so?!?!

The only odd part is that the smell seems to roar out of the dining room which is in front of the kitchen and washroom. Oh please help me out with this! I am so stumped!!! And sick of the smell!!!


01:18AM | 02/10/12
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Do you have a burst sewage pipe near your house? That might explain why there is the smell during some months if the wind blows in a different direction. You might want to survey the area just in case. If the fault lies with your own home, then I am not sure how to help you. Maybe keeping the house well ventilated with air fresheners may help.


06:42AM | 06/22/12
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This is really a major problem for your. I can understand how difficult it is to live in the house which is surrounded by sewage smell. I think that is because you might have your sewage tanks inside the house and they are full of waste. I advice you to call related associate to mend the problem that may be bursting of pipe and do not forget to make your sewage tank out of your home. You can find various Professional Cleaners that specialized in sewage cleaning. They can better advice you and can solve your problem.


07:40PM | 04/01/13
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Was this problem ever solved and if so what was the solution? We are having the same problem...


11:43PM | 05/24/13
We had this same problem in our newly flipped house and had a plumber come to take a look. He determined that the issue was in the upstairs bathroom. The flange for the toilet was installed before the tile was laid, which created a small gap between the flange and the toilet itself that allowed air to escape depending on the air pressure that day. It never seemed to be coming from the bathroom b/c the smell would sink and pool down around the bottom of the staircase throughout the day. He added in a wax ring which sealed the gap and we haven't had the problem since.


07:02PM | 08/12/13
I had the cellulose insulation in my attic brought up to cade today. About two hours after the worker left, I noticed a sewage stink in the house. The exhaust vents up through the attic. Is it possible they either covered over the vents or broke one of them? I guess I should call them back . . . it seems to be getting better, but maybe I'm just getting used to the smell.


11:59PM | 10/14/13
Me think u need 2 get new house. Only new house will not have smell. Old house have smell and smell bad. Maby the sould work on solveng tings so idiats can not randomelee post hear. I could not belief some of dem replies. /end satire.


10:16PM | 12/29/13
I have been having same problem off and on not sure if having a problem out of vent but its deff something to do with the smaller bathroom on end of house I try and run water every couple days to make sure traps stay full but the vent for that bathroom runs a long ways and joins in with kitchen thinking that may have a something to do with it as well going to shorten it up and make new vent just to check all elbows and couplings just to make sure


03:45PM | 08/04/14
Help! Our newly purchased 1981 townhome has a sewer smell that comes on in the heat of the afternoon, if I have turned to a/c up to around 78 or higher. The smell usually comes from the second bathroom, but lately we have noticed whiffs of the smell in the back yard and even in the garage (front of house). Plumbers have come out. Plumber #1 said drains sounded clear, thought it could be mold. Plumber #2 said p trap in hallway where washer & dryer use to be probably has dried up and we need to pour 1 quart of mineral oil down the p trap and this should work. It has been 3 days since I poured the oil and are still getting the smell.

I have poured vinegar, then baking soda, then boiling water down the drains.

My neighbor said once a year he will flush all of his drains (starting with water heater drain and moving out) with the water hose.

All of our drains are draining. What can I try next?


08:08PM | 08/10/15
I'm at my wits end!!! I have a 1,000 square foot house. My hall closet smells the plumbing from the bathroom is in there. My washroom smells, it's like my plumbing is all jacked up. My husband is too lazy and too cheap to get us help, I don't know what to do!!!

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