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06:21AM | 01/14/12
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Our painter inadvertently used old, spoiled paint on our bedroom ceiling--the smell is so bad I actually get nauseous when in the room. He has re-painted the ceiling with new paint, but the terrible smell is still there. What exactly is the problem, and how to resolve? Help, please!


11:23AM | 01/14/12
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How long ago? I think it just needs to fully cure.


01:37PM | 01/14/12
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The first time it was painted was the middle of November. The odor has not gotten better, or I wouldn't have told our painter about it. When he put another brand of new paint over the other stuff, it smelled okay for approximately 2 hours, then the disgusting smell returned as rank as ever (second coat done 1/10).
There is no doubt in my mind that the first paint is spoiled, if not toxic to boot.


04:14PM | 01/14/12
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Did he seal the old paint with a primer? Two coats of primer should seal it in. Then ask that a low VOC paint be used as the top coat.


04:58PM | 01/14/12
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What kind of primer? Oil-based? Seems like that would seal it better...


11:43PM | 01/15/12
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My parents have rental houses where the renters smoke heavily, to the point that you choke walking in the door. They always used two coats of Zinzer or Kilz and it took care of the odor soaked into the walls. An oil base primer will definitely form a better barrier though.


08:37AM | 01/16/12
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Thanks for the input--our painter is coming back this morning to check out the situation. Now I have some info to present to him, in case he hasn't done the research himself. Will let you know what happens...


05:56AM | 01/20/12
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I hope you figure that out, that's awful. I had something similar like that happen to me, but it turned out being mold.


01:53PM | 01/16/14
2 coats of Ben primer and one coat of paint and still have sickening smell

David, Moderator

11:08PM | 01/17/14
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It is very possible that the odor was absorbed by the flooring material and woodwork.
Here is a remedy to remove paint smell from a newly painted room.
Cut 2 or 3 onions into 1/2' slices. Place 3 or 4 pieces on several different plates and place in different locations throughout the room.
Fill several glasses with water. Add 2 tablespoons of vanilla and place in different locations throughout the room.
It works really well to use both of these at the same time.
I have used this remedy many times and it always works great.
Hope this was helpful

Remove Paint Smell


04:12PM | 05/03/15
Does this just work for a regular paint smell or rancid paint? I have a linen closet that has smelled for the 6 years since I bought this house new. How does the onion trick work?


05:44PM | 05/04/15
Worried that paint may have been off and room smells ( painted a day ago but not your normal paint smell) window open all the time. Just worried as someone was going to sleep in there in 3 days time. Is the smell a health issue?


08:49PM | 05/05/15
Same issue here, it's nauseating- What's odd is I used the paint I used today as little as 3 weeks ago without issue- No smell whatsoever- I painted a closet- Not even a heavy coat mind you, just gave it a quick going over- Now it smells sour, kind of like rotten eggs and yet chemical-sh- When I opened the can of paint today it didn't smell strange but now it does- I'm waiting for tomorrow to see if it goes away otherwise not sure what to do- I can't work with anything with heavy fumes and now just being near that closet bothers my sinuses and make me nauseous- Any chance the paint had some sort of chemical reaction with what was already on the wall?


07:40PM | 06/15/15
I just moved into an apartment that was just painted about 4 months ago still have paint smell what can I do its in every room


03:41AM | 04/24/16
When my boyfriend opened a can of paint today as he said it smells like strong ammonia and I was wondering if it was safe to use maybe if we tried the vinegar on it or should we just get a new paint confused please help


01:03PM | 04/28/21
It's been about 2 years (new building) and the walking pantry smells like new paint. We are chemically sensitive and have kept the door closed. The pantry is useless to us! Used charcoal bags, vinegar - no help. Tried an ion little ion generator - still no help.

Readying that water and lemon may help. Any other suggestions?

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