04:06AM | 02/19/09
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So I've acquired the old familiy home that my dad resided with masonite in 1985?. He soon found out of the recall but being a do it yourselfer and bought 10 boards at a time was deflated to think of the paper chase to prove it. Anyway now I have a partially decaying house which I've neglected to paint. And see that I need to do something ASAP. The edges of most boards have blistering of paint There are three 6 by 4 spots with major decay and 2 north facing windows that show tar paper at the cornices the siding has rotted that far. One quote to reside and remove all was for $30.000 another to vinyl side over was $11,000 . I really am not a vinyl siding lover but thought it would be a maintenace free solution ( for the old farm house )

Now I wonder if I have bad spots repaired and do a liguid siding paint or a top of the line paint. maybe it would renew the house and put off the decision for 10 to 15 years? But did I wait too long to repaint ? Also does vinyl siding over masonite done well eventually look like crap and how does it look when the siding matches the depth of the window moulding. Underneath the house is diagonal wood lathe. My dad removed by hand asbestos hard siding shingle. Before laboring like a dog to reside using masonite. Feeling satisfaction it would be worth the effort with what he thought would last 50 years of peace of mind. This is a horror story right? What would you do ? A. Reside over the masonite with vinyl B. Take it all down and reside with hardiplank B2. Reside with vinyl C.patch and paint

The R value argument to keep the old siding underneath is lost on me living 100 miles below the mason dixon line the house is in a rural setting with no central air and oil furnace w/ radiators. Built in the 1940's I might always disturst the integretity of the underlying masonite. Might the first pressure wash say 4 years ahad to the vinyl blow it all off ? I'd love your thoughts suggestions or directions to the nearest desperate homeowner segment. Im very photogenic and handy with a skill saw and square.


04:06AM | 02/21/09
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In my opinion you need to remove this siding and reside with concrete siding(there are a couple of brands). You should not put vinyl siding over siding that is as bad as yours sounds as it will cause problems down the road and you don't need that. It is to late for painting this siding unless you replace the rotten boards as paint will not hold this together.

If you have any other questions please post them.


03:57PM | 02/22/09
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So why is your preference concrete siding vs vinyl when starting over. Which brings me to another question . I understand there is vinyl imitation board and batten. Would this be more susceptible to wind shear? Does anyone have experience with this look its longevity and intalltion ease?


10:12AM | 02/25/09
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you are not going to "cure" it by putting vinyl over it. If you had a band aid full of oozing puss would putting a fresh band aid over the old one help.

It would look better from the outside and may soak up some more puss but would not help the underlying problem. The siding recommended will generally outlast vinyl which I believe why it was recommended.

Get a new quote on the vinyl with a removal of the old siding and a repair of the tar paper or home wrap.

Good Luck.


02:35PM | 02/25/09
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I agree with the previous post about the pus.

I just think vinyl looks cheap and it will fade, get dirty and need to be washed and the wind can blow it off your house. Yeah the concrete siding needs to be painted but if you use a premium exterior acrylic house paint you can get up to 8 years or more out of the paint job.


01:28PM | 02/26/09
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So the quote to remove all old crap and reside with vinyl was 29,000 > Other company quoted 11,000 for coverin over bad masonite after replacing rotten spots with "filler " stock. to make surface uniform.

I am much more inclined to get rid of masonite before starting over. It looks like I can only do it in stages and I believe the concrete siding will match better at the end than buying vinyl a little at a time. BTW the contractor suggested I buy all the vinyl at once even if I was'nt able to put it all on at the same time. Another question is If I'm not diligent in painting concrete siding in a timely manner whats the outcome Will it just look crappy or degrade? Where as if I'm late power washing moldy vinyl it stays crappy . Any Thought s oh helpful ones?


03:38AM | 02/28/09
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I would go with doing say a side a year until you get all done with concrete siding. The concrete sidng holds very well and will not degrade over time, and as a paint job on it will last up to 8 years you should be just fine in that area.

Where would you keep all that vinyl siding if you bought it all at one time?


08:08AM | 02/28/09
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For the opening post, ellen06

Hi, I been working homes for 30+ yrs. Sometimes seeing can generate better advice. Since it`s only advice, a photo from the NE corner and SW corner back a little so to show the roof...would be nice, maybe I could advise some.
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