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05:50PM | 12/23/12
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I would go with A. That problem is common in your area due to the clay in your soil. They need to waterproof the wall also while they have it excavated.


11:52PM | 02/02/13
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I am looking to buy an investment home with very similar issues. I have a 24500 budget for ALL repairs. Did you make your final decision? If yes, what did you decide?


04:46AM | 05/21/13
I am trying to find a grant to help me with my bowing wall. It will cost $200 a square foot to rebuild. Any suggestions as to where to find a grant program to help with this?


07:30AM | 06/01/13
Did Maranda ever fix her basement wall? If so, which method did she use? Did anyone else ever respond to her question? Karen


04:49PM | 06/20/14
In 1994 I had a company called B-Dry use the pressure relief system which was supposed to stop the bowing walls. Lifetime warranty. However their system didn't work as this year 2014 my one wall was bowing so I called them and they buried three 6 foot beams in cement in basement floor. The beams lay against the bowing walls and is supposed to keep them from bowing in worse?? I don't know if the beams will hold back the weight of the bowing walls? They didn't charge me. House was build by my dad in 1950.I repaired one wall myself by building a new wall against the bowing wall and fill in between the walls with cement and steel and install eight 8Foot jacks to support the new wall that was bolted to cement floor and ceiling . This worked well for that wall.


07:37PM | 08/27/14
I too have the same problem. I had widely varying estimates to fix one 40 foot wall, up to $35,000. I was told that my options were the same, pulleys or replacement. However, there is a third (thank you YouTube), which I'm opting for as I think it's the best solution. It involves excavating the dirt outside of the wall down to the footer, pushing the existing block wall back into place, installing re-bar, filling the block with cement, water proofing the exterior, and installing a french drain around the house. I'll also have my four inch gutters replaced with six inch gutters and make sure that the ground around the house is regraded properly to minimize any excess water reaching the wall in the first place. I'd love to hear from others who have had their bowing wall repaired and how it's holding up.
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04:22PM | 09/15/14
What was the third option you saw on you tube


05:03AM | 09/16/14
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i'd be jacking up the house & putting in a new wall properly waterproofed IF it were our home,,, this is our work & we perform every week: carbon fiber straps, steel i-beams, or concealed grouted wall pins, exterior excavation,,, all address the problem & depend on which client's choose to fund

i like 5484's post'd solution BUT waterproofing is as critical as proper grout selection


06:11PM | 12/09/14
Don't backfill with clay. Backfill with 1" stone min 12" wide to keep the ground water away from the wall. The stone allows the water to drain and reduces the water pressure. The water pressure is what typically causes the walls to bow.


03:12AM | 12/20/14
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Some facts, photos, links on bowed, cracked, foundation walls... UNBIASED information!!!

Fairfax County VA, Gov..........
in article, scroll down to.... Basement Wall Damage

In part, they try and inform you to... "Some walls may need to be replaced while OTHERS can be repaired. To prevent future damage, the clay MUST be removed and replaced with sandy/gravelly soil... and waterproofed outside"

Donan Engineering...... Basement Wall Failures

In part they say, "Typically the failure is NOT from hydrostatic pressure, but from the SOIL re-expanding...In simple terms, a basement wall fails when the pressure of the SOIL exceeds the strength of the wall"

Here's some of my job photos, this is a basement wall that bowed in, multiple exterior cracks and gaps that allow water in

B Dry and another misleading, scamball company tried cheating these homeowners (and many others) and told them they only needed an interior drainage system and sump pump, lolol

If you view the photos, you should be able to clearly see that NO interior system would have stopped further water from entering and would not have stopped further wall movement and further deterioration of the blocks.

Here's a homeowner (short video) who almost got ripped off $15,000--27,000, another inside system moron company

05 11a


12:57PM | 01/08/15
I went through this exact problem in my basement a few years ago. I had several estimates but ultimately went with a company that installs carbon fiber that attaches at the sill plate and the footer. I didnt want to excavate the outside of my home. It seemed extreme since my wall had less than a 2" bow I, plus the company and product manufacturer offer a lifetime warranty against failure/inward movement. I have heard horror stories about carbon fiber that is only applied to the wall without being anchored so I was very careful about which system I picked. The manufacturer is a company called Rhino Carbon Fiber. I highly recommend their product since my wall has not moved in the past 3 years.

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