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02:07AM | 12/08/02
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The home recently finished is a modular, totally custom where the master bathroom hangs out over a breakfast nook which is countoured, leaving the master bathroom above having not congruent witht he nook below has two triangluar floor overhangs. Recently, temps have gone below zero, one pipe (cold) over the triangular overhang froze, defrosted by blowing warm air directly into the chase access under the jacuzzi. The problem may or may not be associated with the attic but still remains a problem obviously....I found in the basement where the chase to the second floor is, there was insulation stuffed into the chase on the lowest part of the chase at ceiling level of partially finished basement. HVAC is Dunkirk boiler with a stainless steel hot water holding tank, one forced air handler in the basement, and the other forced air handler is in the attic, via all PECs tubing. The attic in one area won't hold snow no matter what, I've checked insulation there, attempted to check the duct work in the opinion is the handler is heating up during cycle to create heat moisture....Our ceiling in the roof has had water droplets from one end to the other hanging off the nails, no apparent leaks from rain, and the surmouting problem is I know going to be ice jams. No matter what the ambient temp is oiutside, the snow melts in this one area and also melts fairly rapidly on the entire roof, whereby causing ice jams to form on the eves. A builder told me that having the HVAC in the attic, creating a natural HVAC loss from the convection given off by the handler is GOOD because it will melt snow quickly. I disagree, I believe it is more extensive.

How do I solve the mystery of the overhang getting cold air seepage, and secondly how do I "find" where the heat is coming from to find where the ice melts.

I know this is rather complicated to put into an email but please advise.


Colonial-Modular owner

02:45AM | 12/08/02
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Sorry for the typo's, my computer refreshed while I was outside and posted the topic before edit and grammar checks.



11:24AM | 12/08/02
Hello Bob,

You are getting heat in the attic from at least 2 places (Maybe more):

  1. Heat from the air-handler’s motor. Energy (electricity) going into any space is going to create heat. This heat will remain there unless it is moved (or vented) to another area.
  2. Even if you duct is insulated it will also give of some heat loss into the attic. (Even more so if it has any leaks.) Insulation will not eliminate heat. It will only slow down its transmission from one space to another.

To solve the problem you will likely have to do one of two things (along with finding and eliminating any additional heat sources):

  1. Supply additional ventilation to that part of the attic to get rid of the heat as quickly as possible.
  2. Insulate the underside of the roof rafters while maintaining ventilation above. (Between the rafter spaces)

As for you freezing pipes you will have to find where the pipe is freezing and either better insulate the space and/or the pipe or add a thermal heat tape to the pipe to keep it from freezing.

Good luck,

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