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11:22AM | 07/13/03
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I just drove by to check on the house I am buying in a new development under construction. The builder in known for his
good reputation.

Problem: The house in closed in, the electric, plumbing and framing is in.
The homes are attached. One wall has a small atch of mold. I do no see it anywhere else in the construction on any other level except the main level.
The basement is damp and the heating system is not in yet.

In this area, east cost, the past few months the weather has been very rainy. The back and fron door of the house is not in yet and the inside insulation and drywall is not up. Should I contact the builder and ask him about the mold? What can be done before the insulation and drywall go up? My contract does not allow me to go in until closing and I was not savy enough to ask that I allow an inspector to check each phase of the construction. This is a major builder so I think I have a struggle ahead.

I could just walk in the house when the construction crew is gone and spray something on the wall for my piece of mind but what should I spray on?

Also, the studs are not the traditional one piece that you would buy. It appears that the studs were cut in half and joined together. The house is being inspected and approved by the town but I have never seen studs like this.

Thanks for any input.


10:31AM | 07/16/03
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Well I don't understand why you can't go in until closing, but I will let you worry about the legal stuff. I would definitley talk to someone. Maybe you can call the town inspector and explain the situation to him. He probably won't do anything either though because he isn't inspecting for mold.
You can spray some Borax cleaner on it and that will kill it. You can probably find it by the deck cleaners. It should say something like for mold. As long as it is just on studs you shouldn't have to rinse it like it says. It smells like bleach so be prepared.
This mold problem could also be from before where the wood was stored.
Good luck.


02:19PM | 07/16/03
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Thank you for the information. I called the builder and was denied official access to the house for safety and insurance reasons.

They are aware of the mold situation and advised that they are spraying chemicals on the homes with mold. The builder advised that the town will not approve of continued building without the mold being taken care of. This is a large develeopment.

The homes are attached and it appears to be on the fire wall not the studs.

Am I correct in assuming that the mold stain will stay but as long as the Borax is srayed the problem should be solved?



03:33PM | 07/17/03
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I don't know about Borax but a mild bleach solution will kill existing mold. However, that will not cure the underlying problem of how did the mold get there. It takes a humid, warm environment. Homes under construction may not be completely water tight due to incomplete roofing, etc. If this is the 'problem', killing the mold will be OK. However, if there is a potential for continued leaks, the mold will come back. Need to find and stop any water infiltration to solve the problem.


05:42AM | 07/18/03
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Yes, the water appears to have come from the unfinished roof. Now that the roof is on and the house is sealed, the problem should be solved.


06:20PM | 07/20/03
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Thanks for the advice. The mold was sprayed with bleach but of the four areas with mold, only one turned yellow on contact when the bleach was sprayed. The other area still is black. Does this mean the mold was not killed? Does mold die on its own if there is no water helping it to live?


07:49AM | 07/21/03
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Mold is nothing to mess with it can have a lot of serious side effects with your health so a search on mold and see the problems with black mold or STACHYBOTRYS ATRA. This can have serious effects in the future if not taken care of now. people with this mold report symtoms like runny nose, eye irritation, congestion, headaches, dizzyness, fatigue, occasional cases are more serious, bloody runny noses,coughing up blood, severe headache to developing lumps in lung tissue. be careful with the mold issue and do your homework on it. I do waterproofing work and am coming across more and more cases of mold in houses as they are becoming more and more "tight" holding in moisture as well as the heat.


05:20PM | 07/30/03
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Bleach will kill mold, will not kill mold,
use special spray, do not use spray.

Why the controversy? The mold looks dead, has not grown, what else is necessary? Wood is dry and has been for three weeks. Water problem is solved.

I get a runaround from so called experts.

Does bleach get to the mold? The latest information is that bleach does not penetrate the mold just the surface.

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