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07:12AM | 01/20/04
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We are starting to finish our basement. I was wondering if it's ok to use 2x2s for framing along the concrete wall. I would like to glue them to the wall with Liquid Nails, and then put styrofoam insulation between. so, the questions are:

1) Is this ok?
2) We live in Utah, do we need to put any waterproofing on the concrete walls before we frame? If so, how and what kind?
3) Do 2" walls allow enough space for wiring for electrical outlets (no light switches)?
4) Does the styrofoam insulation work as well as fiberglass? What R value should be used?
5) Should these strips be 16" on-center? The ceiling joists are 24" on-center. Should this framing match up with that?
6) Any handy tips on how to true these walls?



03:50PM | 01/21/04
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1. No
2. Yes. Vapor Barrier Paint
3. No.
4. No. You should frame walls at least with 2x4s and use at least R 11 or whatever minimal fiberglass insulation your local code requires
5. 16" on center is better than 24" despite what the joist framing is
6. Walls should be framed at least 6" off from the concrete or masonry basement walls. You should frame them with full 2x4 or 2x6.
Insulate using normal insulation. Install normal electrical boxes.

Do NOT apply studs directly to walls. Not with glue or fasteners. Not with anything.

Proper building technique requires a minimum of several inches between the masonry foundation and the framed wall. 6" distance is considered 'normal'.


12:13PM | 01/22/04
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Any reasons why this would not work? They did use vapor and water barrier paint on the outside when they built our house. They also put insulation 1/2-way down the concrete and nailed it to the concrete. There's also no condensation when I put plastic down on the cement. Just curious as to the reasons why this would not work.


09:07AM | 04/17/14
Curious if you did end up finishing with 2"x2"s on your basement walls? I am looking at doing the same thing. Reason being is I have waterproofed the basement and in doing so, pulled off the bottom half of the basement walls paneling and framing. Yes, it was framed with 1x2's. It is an old basement and all electricity is on the upper half. The 1x2's were held by some sort of epoxy and I see no reason to not do the same. From there I will put some sort of paneling or wood on the bottom half. The floors will be finished with Dricore and laminate flooring.

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