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09:42AM | 01/28/04
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This is my first house and I have only been in it for one year.

Anyway, the other day the sump pump turned on and will not turn off even though the water level is all the way down. It just keeps pumping the water out.

I unplugged the pump and it takes a full day to get the water level high so it isnt pumping due to water flow. Michigan is about 10 degrees lately so no snow is melting at this time either.

Anyone know why this would be ? Please pretend you are explaining to a 10 year old, I know absolutely nothing about sump pumps.

Thank you in advance.


10:23AM | 01/28/04
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It might be your float. Its a small piece of plastic (like a ball) on a small arm that can move up and down. When the sump crock(or pit) fills up with water the float lifts up and floats to the surface of the water (hence the name float). If the float is stuck in the up postition it will continue to run. I had a similiar problem with mine. When the pump kicked on it moved a little (someone left the crock cover off which helps keep it in place) the float was stuck against the wall and wouldn't shut off. Hope this helps.



12:04PM | 01/28/04
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hammerman has the right advice. I was 10 when I started learning about sump pumps. Got 28 years experience now. O.K. also the pump might have an air pressure switch or a ball switch,In any case make sure the sump is clean.The pump may have 2 cords one is the switch cord it may not have been plugged in.If it's an older stand up pump there may be a loose stop that won't drop the switch when the rod falls. Check it out & see what you find. Good luck C>


02:03PM | 01/28/04
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Well, when the water empties all the way to the bottom the float goes with it. I am thinking it must be something else.

Strange thing is, that it looks like the float is just connected with a rubber hose. Could something have fallen off of the pump ?

The pump has only one plug that goes directly from the pump to the wall outlet.

If it is dirty, what would be the best way to clean it ?

Thank again for the help, I appreciate it.

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06:45AM | 01/29/04
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Not a plumber here, but I have had a problem where the pump did not kick on correctly. My switch was bad. It had worn out over time. I was told that some of the pumps are easy to change the switch and some are not worthwhile. Wait for the experts to say if this could be the problem.

Good luck,


12:52PM | 01/29/04
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sounds like a ball float. The hose is a is probably striking bottom before it clicks off. Prop up the pump.If in fact it is a hose,there should be a box at the end of the hose. The switch is in that. Use a rag to clean it.A make [manufacurer name] and model of the pump will help me more.Thanks, C.


04:08PM | 03/16/13
my sump pump is running non stop and humming a loud noise. i tried to unplugged and pugged it bCk ,still the noise did not stop nor stop. it is also vibrating. what do i do? it has been doing it for a day. thanks.

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