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06:08AM | 02/12/04
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Hi. Finishing my basement and have either 1/2" or 3/4" water pipes mounted to the bottom of my joists. I want to know what others think of either option:
1) suspended ceiling: I would only need to (or want to) suspend it 2" from the bottom of the joists because anything more would be a complete waste of space. I only need to go below the level of the water pipes.

2) tile ceiling - installed on tracks which are mounted to 1/2 or 3/4" furring strips so that the tiles can be below the level of the water pipes.

Two Q's:
Is it possible to install a hanging ceiling only 1-2" from the joists?

Is it possible to access parts of the ceiling area, if needed, after putting up the tiles that snap into place or is that really tough to do?



09:37AM | 02/12/04
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Armstrong suspended ceiling recommends that you have a minimum clearance of 3 inches so it isn't too far off your 1-2".

The tiles seem like they would be tough to take down if you want to do something. What if you want to just quick take a look at a pipe? A suspended ceiling has to be much easier when it comes to that.

I'm going through this right now also. I take my time when it comes to home improvements. Mostly because of money. Make sure you do everything in order. I don't have everything yet, but I did start with caulking any openings to the outside and then I insulated between the floor joists. I was surprised how many drafts I found while I was doing that.

Good luck and keep us posted as you go.


09:55AM | 02/12/04
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I called Armstrong after I emailed them the same question (I would have to wait 3-5 days for a email response).

They said NO to the tiles for my application because removing/replacing them to look at any electrical/plumbing above is just about as labor-intensive and drastic as having drywall up there.

My other choice is the newer Ceiling Max grid. I have installed approx. 150 sqft of that stuff in 3 small rooms so far with mixed results. I like it, but I'm not so sure the PVC material will be ideal for my larger rec room (12'x30') because the strips can contort and bend too easily while installing them, which creates very small but noticable gaps between the Xbars. I also have to run a cost analysis to find out what would be less expensive between the Ceiling Max and a traditional hanging one. I think the Ceiling Max will be WAY more expensive based on what I've already spent, so that might be the determining factor.

BTW: if anyone wants any detailed info/opinions and help with the Ceiling Max, shoot me an email!


08:30PM | 04/13/04
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Hi, BobbyO8,

I'm consdidering drop ceiling vs Ceiling Max vs just screwing plastic lattice up there. What can you tell me about the cost of the Ceiling Max projects you've already done? I guess access to the middle of the ceiling once tiles are in requires starting at the closest wall and taking all the tiles out?

Thanks for your response.

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