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10:13AM | 04/29/04
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Building a new house and considering using poured walls for basement. I've heard that they are up to 4x stronger than block. How common is cracking and are they more likely to leak?


11:59PM | 04/29/04
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In 26 yrs we have prolly EQUALLY waterproofed block and poured walls,IMO depends on the builder(his laborers),kind of soil built on and compaction of the soil,proper width and depth for footing,and backfilling against the walls. If I was building a new home I would use a very thick TAR on the walls & place visqueen over the tar AND backfill with 100% peastone...from the footing up to within 6 inches of the grade.The damp-proofing means used now hardly amounts to much and the way the walls are backfilled can cause any wall to crack(by pushing heavy soil,broken-cracked bricks,blocks,roots,and other garbage against newly built walls with heavy equipment). And it wouldn`t hurt on poured walls to fill-completely pack rod holes with hydraulic cement and to put hydr cement cove along the isolation joints before applying thick tar. Sometimes there are small imperfections(openings)along those joints( where footing and wall meet on the outside) and unlike a block wall where there is a cove applied,poured walls have no cove applied along that!


01:35PM | 05/02/04
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Poured concrete can be installed in thinner wall sections and still achieve greater compaction and tensile strength than thicker amounts of block.

Poured concrete has a better lateral strength unrinforced than does block.

Poured concrete, as will any concrete, routinely crack, however.

Poured concrete is far more extremely difficult to repair, remodel or replace han block.

Both cost about equally the same.

My personal preference remains for concrete block because it is much more flexible to deal with and alter over the long term.


10:17AM | 06/07/04
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What about Superior Wall - precast foundations. We are building a new high end home near a river inlet in Red Bank NJ. Basement floor will be 5 to 10 feet above water table, good drainage away from house. My main concern is the Builder want to use Precast because it's cheaper and he doesn't have to wait for concrete guys. (current wait time is 3 to 6 months) I'm unsure about reliability and durability, cost generally not a problem within reason.


07:07PM | 06/09/04
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Superior Walls are fine so long as they are engineered to handle your overall loads and lateral pressures.

Ultimatley your building code enforcement office gets to make the call.

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