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09:03AM | 09/17/04
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B-Dry is the absolute WORST water-proofing system.

1.)They only do the parts they "feel like" doing.

2.)Your basement WILL flood.

3.)They WILL find an excuse NOT to pay for stuff that got damaged.

If you are thinking about getting B-Dry DON'T!!! Trust me. We got B-Dry and those three things happened to us. $6000 dollars down the drain. House value dropping because we can't finish our basement. Time wasted cleaning everything up after they destroy our basement. Everything you own in the basement destroyed. I hope they run out of business and I hope anyone reading this will help.


03:57PM | 09/17/04
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B-Dry works just fine as long as the consumer recognizes it is not a basement waterproofing system.

Far from it.

B-Dry is a basement 'dewatering system' that allows water to fully enter the basement only to handle it after it has entered.

Under certain circumstances, the B-Dry system can be overwhelmed by water entering the basement and the basement flood.

This is the result of site problems and nature and not the fault of B-Dry.

PS: I am not affiliated with B-Dry nor recommend their products, but the accusations above are baseless and show little understanding in how B-Dry systems actually operate...and that is the real problem as far as I can see.


04:13AM | 09/20/04
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Does Not stop water from Diverts water that has already entered, under the floor. And what is this "de-watering" phrase...B-Dry and ALL other inside methods DIVERT water under the floor...they shouldnt be listed under "Waterproofing Contractors"..because they do not waterproof anything...again it diverts. If homeowners have problems with water coming from the I-joint(where the bottom of wall and floor meet) and/or mold,mildew & efflorescence and any bowing-buckling of wall they need to stop the water from entering on the OUTSIDE(hand dig to footing,backfill w/pea stone) and it will also help take hydrostatic pressure off the wall that is against the outside of it(tons of pressure from dirt/clay and roots).What doesnt this world(fed,state,city govts,most builders and almost all inspectors and definetly G. Haege) get? If you have an inside method done (b-dry,everdry etc)...these methods do not stop water-moisture from entering the walls so the possibilty of mold and efflorescence to grow(if it hasnt already) will still be there,Forever. And inside methods do not take any Hyd pressure off the outside of the wall!


09:49AM | 11/22/19
Sounds like your sump pump went out . That doesn't sound like a waterproofing problem.


11:49AM | 08/20/21
Sounds like your electric went off or a breaker flipped

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