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09:42AM | 10/08/04
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I want to renuvate the basement. The house is 55 years old. There is a painted cement floor in the furnace room & utility room. The rest of the basement has old linoleum tiles.

The basment has a damp odor. The concrete walls are open in the furnace & utility room & the main rec room area has wood paneling.

What would be the best way to eliminate the odors down there? What products should I apply to the concrete walls. Should I tear down the wood paneling & treat the walls behind that as well? Do I need a humidex/de-humidifier after I treat the walls?

Can the linoleum stay and have a laminate or hardwood floor applied on top (it's is a level floor). I saw a product out there that has plywood with plastic bubble material under the plywood that you can lay down on top of the floor. Anyone out there who has used this product?


08:59AM | 10/16/04
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i have an idea for you to try.....ok first tear down the wood paneling in the basement and treat it before you do anything because its proabley old and molding see then repaint the whole thing with the basement sealer paint so that no water can leak in and then you should get some like ODOR BAN!!(that stuff works great i used it and it killed all the odors) you can buy it at SAMS CLUB..... yea but that was what i did to my house and now it doesnt smell and stink anymore ...... now if i could only get my cats to quit peeing in the coners of the yea thats it for the odor ban and if that odor ban doesnt work then try getting like 4 or 5 car air fresherners and hang them down there for like 4 or 5 days i would try that before i torn down the walls and all of that other stuff so yea anyway ... bye

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