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06:15PM | 01/04/05
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Due to moisture problems in our crawlspace we installed a remote thermoter/humidity sensor in our crawlspace.

We live in Virginia and recently the temps have been unseasonably high and we're continuing to see a lot of rain.

We have the 70/30 auto temp vents that open and shut when they hit certain temps. I'm assuming they'v reopened and that is why the humidity in our crawl is hitting 70%.

My biggest question is how to control the general humidity. From what I'm reading, it sounds like people recommend for folks that live in humid climates not to vent their crawlspaces yet County code requires this and most people that I've dealt with locally recommend it.

My second question is that we had to remove our insulation in the crawl (between the joists) due to moisture penetration. We were told to wait until Spring to see if our moisture problem was remedied (add'l vent was installed as was fanned vent). Also, our insulation guy said that it wouldn't hurt to wait. I'm concerned that the humidity in the crawl could be damaging to our subflooring. Any thoughts on this?

My final question is who can I contact (i.e. what type of professional) to determine how to fix my crawlspace water problems once and for all (I just want to get it behind me so I don't have to worry about it).



09:55PM | 01/04/05
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i feel for you and others with crawls...many just not easily remedied. You are wise to think ahead i`ll say that.Humidity--moisture can and will cause mold etc, gl


08:53AM | 01/05/05
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another way to vent the crawl space with a fan exaust is to put ducting on it to pull the air off the floor of the crawl space. this will get the moist air that sinks down to the floor, and cause a current of air flow that can not be achieved with just pulling the air off the top of the crawl space.


02:52AM | 01/06/05
I've lived in more northern climates (IL, OH, WV) where moisture problems come up from the ground.

Have you lined the crawlspace with 6 mil plastic?

Is the ground outside the crawlspace graded away from the house?


02:56AM | 01/06/05
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I've lived in more northern climates (IL, OH, WV) where the moisture comes up from the ground more than in through the vents.

Have you lined the floors and walls with 6 mil plastic? Big sheets and rolls are available at home improvement and hardware stores.

Does the ground outside the crawlspace grade away from the house to remove runoff?

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