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12:06PM | 02/15/09
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Housing and premise codes


"All foundation walls shall be maintained plumb and FREE from OPEN CRACKS and shall be kept in such condition so as to PREVENT the entry of rodents and other pests"

"...minor problems left uncorrected can become major....WATER entering the foundation THROUGH CRACKS,holes or breaks can freeze and expand,causing damage to the foundation"...

1460.18 Exterior Structure

e) foundation walls

f) exterior walls

Inside drain tile/baseboard systems do NOT repair/waterproof cracks,loose-cracked parging and other exterior openings as in pictures/links below.Inside systems do NOT REMOVE expanding-contracting clay or roots etc off the exterior wall,the wall/cracks/blocks can only get worse.Water WILL continue to enter and so too can rodents,termites and other insects.

See underground ROOT? It 'caused' the cracks,deteriorated blocks which then allowed water,insects to enter.

Termites cause about $5-6 billion dollars of damage each year,how can they enter?

-Foundation CRACKS Provide Hidden Entry Points for Termites


09:40AM | 02/18/09
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Homeowners Video,

'Basement Systems Water Guard Review'

They did NOT correctly & honestly IDENTIFY the homeowners problem which is, one or more EXTERIOR cracks/on the outside of the hollow block walls and possibly,one or more openings/gaps ABOVE grade such as open mortra joints,openings/gaps in,under,around basement windows,doors and so on.

If one doesn`t stop/ELIMINATE water then one won`t stop/prevent MOLD,EFFLORESCENCE.

..."the best way to prevent the problem is to prevent water from infiltrating the blocks...."

..."whenever WE see this problem there is usually a leak somewhere that allows WATER to ENTER the BLOCK WALL"

MOLD ..."more importantly,you need to ELIMINATE the cause". NOT continue to allow WATER to enter and divert it around perimeter! That would be incompetent/negligent. ..."Remember, cleaning up the mold is not enough.You MUST FIND the WATER source and ELIMINATE it" Hello? Knock knock. Homeowner is out over $14,000, still leaks

Let`s read what this guy says shall we?


WATERPROOFING- ...."be prepared to weed through an array of proposals from waterproofing contractors--A LOT of THEM BOGUS. Done right,basement waterproofing is an EXTERIOR operation"

RADON gas,other soil gases

How Radon Enters Your House

Among others.....See 'D'


Inside system drill HOLES in hollow block walls and leave them OPEN. They also leave a GAP OPEN along the FLOOR-WALL joint.

And, duh, they don`t go outside and repair/waterproof any EXTERIOR cracks,loose-cracked parging etc as in block basement walls

MISREPRESENTING why/where WATER enters the basement/why it really leaks and may have some mold/efflorescence on parts of basement wall and/or,why-where a CRACK/defect/flaw exists or why a wall is bowing in, is at LEAST incompetence and very often in this business,FRAUD.

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