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07:28AM | 06/29/07
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engineering report, its conclusion

Say it over `n over, INSIDE SYSTEMS do NOT relieve/lessen expanding-contracting Outside soil pressure and tree roots which DO indeed cause many bsmt walls to crack,leak,widening of cracks and even bowed wall.

Have to go OUTSIDE to help lessen/relieve these pressures and backfill w/gravel-peastone, sand if you have to.Get rid of-haul away the soil and other crap many builders toss in when home was built, blocks,bricks,wood, pieces of concrete etc.


Click.. 'WET Basements' esp. see Q-A 1 and 5!!!!!!!!!!

You see what they DON`T recommend?

See what is Preferred method?

Wake up people will ya please.

6th Paragraph!! What do they say,huh?

scroll down a bit to....

-A Little Crack Can Mean Big Problems

What do They say? Geez O peez, quit with the lies/misinformation/false claims.

The FACTS are there!

Where can TERIMTES enter?

--Foundation Cracks Provide Hidden Entry Points For Termites


07:52AM | 06/29/07
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Inside drain tile or baseboard systems do NOT stop/prevent water from entering cracks, loose parging and other outside openings below or above grade. These are MOST homeowners problems!

If you don`t eliminate water/moisture from entering then you will have an increased risk of mold growing inside or on parts of basement wall, efflorescence too.

Ask any company who wants to do an Inside systems for ya to put in WRITING and GUARANTEE your WALL(s) will NOT be WET, will not be damp, will not deteriorate.See the CRAP they try `n tell you!

If they don`t waterproof/seal those exterior openings, can`t you see how water/moisture/termites etc will Still....ENTER? Hello?

If they don`t dig out and haul away expanding/contracting soil, can`t you see how the pressure is still there?

Crack(s) occurring, crack widening, wall bowing in. Don`t forget tree roots can mess up a wall, roots can also exert pressure against the outside of a wall, some roots grow INTO how will ANY inside systems truely-solve any of these things, not gonna happen!

Inside systems should keep water that, is still going to enter, off the basment floor where they installed the system,thats it. And,thats all most-if not all of them actually guarantee. They guarantee you won`t see water on the floor where they worked, if thats what ya want, call em up, they`ll get over there pretty darn quick.

One more thing for now, these salespeople will try and tell ya several lies,false claims,misinformation...oh YES they will-do.

For instance, they`ll tell just about every HO they have a high water table and/or, the outside tiles are probably clogged/broken and they`ll say these rae the reasons you see water come onto floor at/near cold-joint,cove. This is most always BS.

They`ll also provide false claims and say crap like "Oh, the exterior was already waterproofed when house was built and it didn`t work then and won`t work now" and "Oh, exterior waterproofing is unnecessary and very expensive and disruptive to your landscaping" and other crap.

"Many,many consumers 'THINK' they have Waterproofed basements, when in FACT they simply have been damproofed......"


05:45AM | 07/11/07
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Who is this licensed waterproofer guy who seems to know everything? Seems like he has an answer to everything, but, has no credentials to show for his "expertise". Be very careful what information you get from here. Just because someone responds to your questions doesn't make them the utmost authority on the subject. Seems like this guy has lots of time on his hands. Do your homework and get information from other sources as well.


02:01PM | 07/21/07
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well, number one, this guy is the worst nighmare for any company who only-most always install inside systems and sells-pushes them onto homeowners based on false claims,misinformation `n lies.

darn skippy.

this guy is thoroughly explaining the whole story about leaky,wet basements, why cracks occur,why crack widen,why walls bow in, why mold/efflorescence is on part of inside wall,where radon and insects can enter. Is this ok with you, telling the entire-story on this subject?

Basement waterproofing picture`s. why most basements leak,seep.

NO inside drain tile or baseboard system on THIS planet stops water from entering cracks `n other openings on outside. And so, NO inside system will stop mold,efflorescence growing on inside of wall(s) due to...WATER-moisture entering.

See those ROOTS against wall? See those cracks? They are on the outside, duh. NO inside system will take roots off a wall-growing against a wall and sometimes grow into-inside cracks, can WIDEN a crack.

No inside system stops termites `n other insects from entering these cracks, won`t stop possibility of radon gas that is in the SOIL from entering a crack.

Some walls BOW in due to roots AND expanding-contracting SOIL pressure which is on the outside,against the wall, NO inside system removes-relieves the soil,pressure.


08:35AM | 08/13/07
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Pics 1,2,3...Beginning of job, some companies will lie and tell you there isn`t enough room to excavate,lolol...Pictures and expertise CLEARLY PROVE otherwise.

NO Inside drain tile or baseboard system will stop/prevent water from entering these cracks and OTHER openings and so, if you don`t stop/eliminate water-moisture from ENTERING you won`t stop/prevent mold.

And you won`t stop efflorescence, radon gas, termites and other insects from entering these Outside pathways into your house/basement!

Pics 5,6,7...first few feet dug out...already KNOW for CERTAIN there are cracks/other openings on outside of chimney walls...ran a water test,hose test BEFORE taking the job!

Yeah, lol, thats called DEFINING the problem(s) FIRST. Ran hose at ground level, lady got water in through chimney chute door within 5 minutes.

Does Everdry,B Dry,Insta Dry,Basement Systems do this? No! They don`t know and/or don`t care where water is entering on the outside, they will try and talk you into an Inside method because, thats ALL they do, the only system-method they do.

Pics 10,11,12,17...OTHER direct openings that allow water/rain to FIRST-enter, HO will see it enter at/near cold joint on inside or in this case, out the chimney chute door. She has a 2-part problem...waterproofing the chimney walls ONLY and, minor tuckpointing.

13,14,15...vertical crack and a hairline horizontal crack...can barely see it but, like MANY, this is where water first enters, and on longer rains she gets couple gallons of water in THROUGH these small cracks.

18,19,20...end of job....ummm, see any landscaping that got ruined? lolol

Pure NONSENSE when i read/hear this crap! The reason some companies say landscaping will get ruined/costly etc etc is because they want to sell you the only method they do, are insured to do, they don`t want to hand dig! They most likey do not have necessary labor/people to DO exterior waterproofing and IF one/two do, they want to use equipment...NOT a good idea!

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