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04:59PM | 02/01/10
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I am about to finish off my basement and I am concerned that the sound of the water draining into my sump pump pit is going to become extremely annoying once I find myself in the basement more often. Basically, its a slow and steady dripping noise....not a constant flow of water just a persisent dripping noise. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Any ideas would be much appreciated.



04:10PM | 03/28/10
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I have had the same issue along with a few others and began to research methods to fix them.

I have heard/read a few solutions;

1. Using an old bike tire [or similar] attached to the drainage pipe to create a slower water drop.

2. Raise the sump pump so the standing water sits closer to the drainage pump [less distance to drip].

3. Install a better [air tight or thicker] lid for the pit.

I would like to note, I am NOT a plumber nor do I have any plumbing experience. This is purely based on my own research for the same problem. I have yet to implement any of these mentioned [proposed] solutions. However, I thought I would share them to give some ideas for your own search adventures.

I wish the best. Good luck.


02:44PM | 01/13/15
I just saw this and thought I'd put in my two cents. I had the same issue with Chinese water torture in my basement. I found some scrap PVC and angled it in the pit so the dripping water would hit it and slide down. Problem solved!

Cost: maybe $0.50?

Contractor John

03:52PM | 01/13/15
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I like the angled PVC pipe idea, I was thinking along those same lines as I read your post. Also do not forget in finishing the basement you will undoubtedly box in the pump, maybe in a small closet? You can insulate the room to cut down on noise and even attach 1" foam to the inside of the door to quiet transfer of sound through the door.
Contractor John


05:35PM | 01/14/15
Best to get to the root of the problem. Where is the water coming from instead of trying to mask it.


06:12PM | 12/09/15
I used a plastic clamp and clamped an old rag hanging from the pipe just into the water so the water coming from the tile field under the basement would not drip into the pit you do not want water standing in the pipe you want your pump to kick on just before the water gets to the pipe but of course this causes the water to drip after the sump is pumped out while it is refilling.... This stopped my water dripping sound!


11:45PM | 12/30/15
what size PVC did you use and can you post some photos. Thanks


11:17AM | 03/19/18
I placed a brick in the sump under the trickle and the eliminated the sound. The brick is against the sump "wall" and away from the sump, so I can't imagine any problem with this set up, but I would love to hear from an expert to say this is ok, or anyone else who has tried this successfully!


09:59PM | 11/06/18
Worm gear clamp with some good thick plastic nylon rope hanging down both sides is silent as a whistle


06:59PM | 05/10/20
Rag and a chip clip! Ingenious. Problem solved.


08:20PM | 11/02/20
I used an old sock (cut it so it's below the water surface but not long enough to get sucked into either of the primary (lower in the tank) or the water-powered backup (nearer the normal water table level surface) and bag clip likely best, more plastic vs metal, but I used an medium paper binder clip (the strong ones that hold like 25-30 sheets of paper) and it keeps it quiet!! not sure why I didn't do this years ago. thanks all for the various ideas.

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