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06:45AM | 05/11/05
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We have thousands of tiny black spots (pin head size) all over the siding of our house. Some tell us it's from spiders; others have said it's a fungus from mulch. They are raised, hard bumps; you have to scrape them off and they leave behind a stain that is almost impossible to remove. First, what is it; secondly, what is the best way to remove it and last, how do we keep it from coming back?


09:07AM | 05/11/05
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We used to have tiny brown spots all over the inside of our barn, especially on light fixtures. For years I assumed these were deposited by insects. Turns out it is usually artillery fungus from wood shavings, mulch etc. Lots of pictures and articles on the internet if you search this term. Some examples from Penn State and Cornell:

So far, I haven't seen a good cleaning solution, but maybe you should reconsider the mulch next to the house?


05:19AM | 10/18/08
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We found a solution that works!!. It's mouthwash and toothpaste. Though we replaced the toothpaste with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You can find the details at It's an article published by Don Davis, professor of plant pathology at Pennsylvania State University's College of Agricultural Sciences. Go to the bottom of the article under "Reader's Suggestions For Removal From Houses" #18.

After reading all over the internet about how the experts say you can't do anything about it, a 10th grader from Battlefield High School in Gainesville, Virginia came up with the answer.

There are hundreds of articles on-line saying you can’t get the spots off. But, The kids method works! We did refine it a little by replacing the toothpaste with the Mr. Clean Magic eraser.

It’s a breeze… we wet a paper towel with mouthwash, wiped down the spots until they softened and wiped off (6-7 swipes did it) and went over the stain with the Magic eraser. The spots were completely gone.


07:39AM | 12/09/08
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Can you use the mouthwash and Mr. Clean eraser on cars and on wood shingles on the house? I tried Clorox wipes and fingernail on my car and got most off but not sure what the Clorox wipes will do to the finish. Willing to try the mouthwash and toothpaste or eraser if you think it won't harm my paint. It is a newish car as my 13 year old car died on me and of course I had no artillary fungus while I had the old car.

Can't reach all the spots either. Can I just leave them or do they grow on the wood shingle?

Ground too frozen to dig up the mulch right now but this first happen=d about a week and a half ago and it was between 30 and 40 degrees. Wouldn't you think it is nighty night time for fungus and not for it to start up for the first time. Had cedar (undyed) mulch put down in the late spring and did have slime mold on it from the wet summer but no sign of this horror fungus until now. HELP.


06:45PM | 12/02/18
how do you keep black spots off vinil siding...we also want to paint it

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