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09:32AM | 08/01/00
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My dog chewed & scratched a 3 in" (approx) hole in the bottom right hand side of my kitchen door (the one that leads outside). It's a solid yet fairly flimsy door. Since we are renting, I would rather not replace the entire door. Is there a way that I could patch it and maybe put a type of kick plate on it in order to prevent any further damage?

Any help or suggestions would be very helpful!


02:44AM | 08/25/00
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Just an idea -- this isn't something I've done before -- but, assuming the hole on the door is on the corner of the bottom, perhaps you could cut out the old part, use a router to make a dado or way to use biscuits to connect the two pieces with glue to hold in place -- you'd want to clamp it. Finish it to blend with the door, then get a metal kickplate for the bottom of the door. If the hole is in the middle, you could probably use a similar method. Sounds like a kickplate -- usually in the door or lockset section of the home improvement stores would be effective.


10:17AM | 08/25/00
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Have you talked with your landlord? I know that you don't want to go to the expense of replacing the door. It is the right of the property owner to know, and make the call on what they want done. If they don't care, talk with someone at your local Home Depot. They can be tremendously helpful there. A kickplate does sound like a good idea, though. It could prevent any further damage. It should not be used to hide this from your landlord, though.


11:17AM | 08/25/00
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Thanks for the advice. We looked into replacing the door vs fixing it, and to replace the door with the same exact one, was only $65, and kick plates were $20ea, plus the cost of putty and paint & things would make fixing it about the same amount (maybe slightly less). As far as hiding it from the landlord. I would tell him that there was damage, if we couldn't fix it ourselves in an appropriate manner. But I don't think you need to notify the landlord of accidental damage, if your going to take care of it. I was trying to find a lower cost method of fixing it, since we just did a new lawn in the back yard. (Spent about $600). Again thanks for the advice.

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