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10:37AM | 06/04/01
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I have a 26-inch diameter round gable vent that ventilates a small attic space that can't be reached from anywhere in the house or attic. (It's connected by a space too small for a person to get to it.) This vent is made of wood and fitted into the brick-veneer wall.
When there is a heavy rain with high wind from that side of the house, water blows in and wets my first floor ceiling near the vent. There is can lighting built in directly below the vent.
I'd like to simply cover up the vent and seal it, but am concerned about stopping useful ventilation in that area. Any suggestions?

Jay J

05:47PM | 06/04/01
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Hi rpxlpx,

Absolutely, I would NOT cover the vent. You are correct in that you'd definitely obstruct the natural cooling of that space by covering it up. Soooo, what can you do?

Well, visit some LUmber Yards and Home Centers to see how these vents are made today. Today, you almost need a horizontal rain, or worst, to have water get in them. I don't think an 'overhang' of any type is a good idea because it will 'trap' warm air and indirectly may inhibit the flow (unnaturally).

You may not need access to the attic space to replace the vent (if that's an option.) If access is needed, I'd have a Pro look at the 'situation' first to see what should be done. Sometimes, hiring a Pro makes good sense.

My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator


04:40AM | 06/05/01
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Thanks J. Horizontal rain is indeed the problem. If it happens only once every couple of years, that's still way too often to have to repair the ceiling and worry about the built in lights (and wiring) getting wet. I'll look for solutions at local builders'.


08:09PM | 06/05/01
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Actually, this should be a simple fix. Go to a nearby Home Depot, Lowes, etc. and ask to see a vinyl gable vent. Sometimes you have to ask a few people.

These are prefabricated to certain sizes. I've seem them as Octagons, Half Moon (what I have) and Circles. All installation is done from the outside.

They're not very expensive and any competent home handyman should be able to install them. There is a base with a nail fin that is attached to the house and then a snap ring that covers up the nail fin for a finished look.

The one I have I suspect would protect from horizontal rain.

I had mine installed while I was having the roof redone. I was even able to match the trim paint color to the gable vent color. I've seen them in white, dark gray and tan.

Hope this helps


11:17AM | 06/07/01
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Found some at H. D. but not 26-inch.

Jay J

05:15PM | 06/08/01
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... Ask the guys at the Building Materials Desk for a Catalogue. You may find a custom one or an over-sized one in there. AT worst, ask them for 'ideas'.

My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: H.D. can't stock everything BUT, usually, what they don't stock can be ordered ...


01:56PM | 07/24/18
Can I put a cover similar like a dry vent on my table vent .


07:23AM | 05/21/20
Those you see at lowes or home depot are NOT wind blow resitant. I have 1 and a mild wind thunderstorm allowed water right in. What a joke. I'm considering putting a plexi face over it with bungs that keep it off the face about an inche or two...still allowing air flow but when water hose driven rain hits the face it just blocks it. I'm open to some ideas...but these things are a joke.


11:09AM | 06/26/20
An option would be to use a vent with louvers that close when a gable exhaust fan that is placed behind the vent is not running. Most of these "shutter & fan" units are made for commercial use, so finding something "off the shelf" that looks good may be difficult. Might have to have it customized by a pro. - Another option would be to put an attic exhaust fan behind the vent and let it blow back against the rain keeping it out. It would also help to quickly dry any small amount that got in anyway. You would probably have to leave it running permanently though, so it would be on when rain does come.


12:22PM | 01/09/22
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