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09:06PM | 10/24/02
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Has anyone else had bad luck with Simonton windows?
I have a 3 year old home with Simonton Pro Finish windows. I am up here in Wisconsin where the cold and the wind can be pretty harsh. Let me tell you the windows are just not performing.

The air infiltration is so bad the curtains move with a 20 MPH wind. I have to install window insulating kits on my windows that face the west. The bulge of the plastic insulating kit sticks a good 3 to 4 inches into my living room.
Simonton reps have been out and said "The windows are performing within or exceeding mfg. specs.?"
They made this conclusion without any testing equpt. Then proceeded to insert foam squares down the side tracks of the windows. I was told this was to stop some of the infiltration?
Needles to say I have a complaint into the BBB and I have contacted the AAMA (these windows are AAMA and Energy Star certified)

At this point, until Simonton proves that it may be a possible install problem....

I would not recommend Simonton Pro Finish windows!!!!


07:43PM | 11/12/02
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Simonton has proven the windows are performing within specs.

The builder is looking into the installation but since he has never had a problem with other windows he doubts the install is the problem...

Plus the neighbors put plastic on the outside of the windows and the draft was gone. The plastic was just over the window not beyond the window frame...

Just do your research.... mine were 3x's the advertised air infiltration and because the tolerances are so big the infiltration was acceptable.

So another year of 3M plastic kits on the windows.

I have a Yugo for windows I guess my expectations warrant a Lexus perhaps. If that what it takes next time I guess I'm shopping for a Lexus or BMW type windows.



04:23PM | 11/17/02
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Greetings Snolts,

It sounds like it could very well be an installation problem.

The only way I know of to tell would be to remove the window stops on the inside of the house and see if there is any insulation. Also, to see if they are shimmed properly.

The windows, unless defective, should not cause this problem.

Good luck,


09:30AM | 02/24/13
We have air funneling up the channel of the window and the fine dirt the builder spread outside is coming inside. The Siminton rep. said no window is airtight and the air is concentrated to the channels not around the whole window so they are performing properly. He is shipping me foam squares to help with the problem. Humm...
Img 2043


03:30PM | 10/29/13
I have bougth simonton windows & hade them installed by reputable contractor.Simonton windows would perform well in a warm inviroment but not anywhere where it would get below zero. We hve these windows in our house & three of them condense alota water on the inside. We had simonton reps & the contractor look at them,no one wanted to help.Our humidity is 24 % in our house , so lets not even go there.The windows that you buy are as good as the dealer you buy them from.not happy but stuck!!!!!


02:06AM | 10/30/13
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The item sounds like this could very well be an installing trouble. In order to I am aware associated with to express to would be to eliminate the eye-port stops within your home and pay attention to if you experience virtually any insulating material. In addition, to view if they are shimmed appropriately.


04:37PM | 01/08/14
I bought Simonton windows through Home Depot Home Services, Columbus, OH. The model window was very nice, but mind do not fit like they do. My double-hung tilt windows have wide gaps where they close on the sides. I have packaging tape down the sides and rolled up paper towels in the tracks to stop some of the cold air. This is a complex of ranch condominiums just now at the age of needing replacement windows. I will not recommend Simonton to anyone. Half of our windows have been replaced by Rosatti, Champion, and Larmco;I am sorry I bought Simonton. The installers had glass from the old windows 4-5 feet into my rooms and even on my bed. A terrible experience which no one else in here has had. I was one of the to get new windows and learned the hard way, a lot of money and trouble.


06:05PM | 01/13/14
sounds like an installation issue. I wouldn't get windows from big box stores, especially not installed by them.


09:44PM | 01/19/14
The windows were replacement windows in a brick ranch condominium 12 years old.


10:14PM | 02/15/14
I built a new house in May 2013. The Builder used these.
I am in the Northern Zone - Ohio.
With the cold, I had ice build up on the inside with NO humidifier in my house :)

My Simonton Windows were the ProFinish Brickmould 300.

I am trying to find the PG (performance Grade) of these Windows - see Energy Star recommendations. So far, I would say don't buy these and tell your builder NO.


07:50AM | 03/27/14
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We also had Simonton 5500 replacement windows put in our home. The air comes up the channels on each side of the window. The company we purchased them from also put the small foams pieces at the bottom of each window. It did nothing to stop the air. There is no way these windows are energy efficient. Our home is all brick. Does that make a difference in the installment process? How do we stop the air from coming in? Attached is a picture using a smoke stick with the wind blowing 20 mph. HELP!


01:54PM | 06/26/14
I have no actual complaints with the Simonton Windows. The installation is the problem. Unfortunately, I went through Home Depot and have been working with them to fix the issues since they did come with a lifetime warranty. The installer that Home Depot contracted with is the pits. His attitude was horrendous and from what I understand no longer employed by that contractor. The install was so bad, he didn't even caulk the inside of the windows, which of course, led to ice build up in the winter. We'll see how Home Depot does with the repairs to the windows. I wonder if Simonton knows how bad a job is being done with installing their windows?


06:49PM | 07/02/14
big box stores are the last and worst place to buy windows from. They can make whatever guarantees they want about installation but you never know the quality of work or experience of the works they use.


04:00PM | 08/21/14
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I bought these windows 17 years ago and they have a 20 year warrantee on them. They were bad and so were being replaced by the people that I bought them from, Mr. Build out of Bradenton, Fl. They came to reorder them after I gave them the numbers from the windows and I had to wait seeing it was warrantee work. That was okay. Well when putting in some of the windows panes broke. Those had to be reordered. When they came in there was a difference in the tint and the one on the end was clear. They ordered it and it came in in a real dark tint. Now I have three tints across the front of my house and Simonton says they don't guarantee the tints. That I will just have to live with it. I had said that maybe they should just order 6 new windows and then all would then match and the problem would be fixed . Instead they kept sending pieces of panes to Mr. Build. Why should I just have to live with it???? Doesn't say much for Simonton Windows and their people. I would never buy from them again. It would be from Pella or some other good company.


10:03AM | 10/13/14
I live in Iowa and had 17 Simonton prism bronze replacement windows installed in my home 5 years ago. I have never been so disappointed about anything done to my home. I have had the dealer and installer both come out to look at these windows. They put foam pads in the bottom portion and claimed the problem would be solved. The air leaks up the window on both sides so badly, that we have had to put plastic on these windows as well as foam down the sides. I would never recommend these windows to anyone, especially where winters are bitterly cold. Simonton's service is terrible, and they hold 0 accountability.


06:41PM | 11/19/14
My wife and I purchased our home 4 years ago. On one winter night the wind was blowing pretty good (20 mph) and the heat in our home was on. The temp inside our home was 62 degrees with thermostat set to 68. The furnace continued to run and the temps never came up in the home until the winds died down. I complained to the builder and Simonton sent us rectangular blocks to place in the windows. They helped somewhat, however here we are 2 years later and it feels like the Arctic inside our home. I would never recommend these windows to anyone.


06:03PM | 02/26/15
I purchased a Simonton 6200 VantagePointe (Home Depot exclusive) with Sound & Security. The only issue I have had is with the sales cycle. Beyond that, everything's been smooth. The installer was excellent to work with and paid attention to small details. The window cuts about 80% of the noise I would normally hear, which is great for me as the neighbor closest to the window lets his overly barking dogs out, plus there are planes, trains, and automobiles going by at all hours. Can't hardly hear any of them.

Rain - only as it hits the roof.

The window is crystal clear which actually was a small bit annoying. It does not have the light reflective tinting, so I bought some good quality blinds.

I really don't think the issues here are because of Simonton windows. I've learned a LOT about windows in general having watched two different installers with two different brands (Pella and now Simonton). Even the Pellas, which are the low end of vinyl, are good replacement windows and don't have issues because the installer did that good of a job with them.

The quality of the home before the replacement has a lot to do with it. Sometimes it just doesn't go right.


07:01PM | 04/04/15
BV002977 - gaps between sashes and frames wider than top and bottom corners are due to improper installation. Shim the frame straight and gap should be even all the way up and down, just like a door reveal.

snoltz- yes, you did not buy a Lexus. Your contractor should have told you what you need. Pro-Finish is the builder(lowest) grade Simonton makes. That style is for temperate regions. Just as wearing a down jacket in Florida is silly, so is not buying one in Wisconsin.


10:04AM | 12/29/15
I had two Simonton window installed on the "windy" side of my house. One morning during a storm one window began "chattering ", the window pane came loose from the housing. Simonton replaced the window. Now during a less windy storm the other window has done the same thing, this time with water leaking on to new carpeting. I wish I would have stayed with cheap builders Windows. They don't leak or creat problems like I have experienced.


06:00PM | 01/22/16
I live in Ohio and in 2011, I built a $318K Fischer Home which has Simonton windows. As noted above, the windows are just not performing. For the past two winters, due to the significant air draft, I've had to cover windows with plastic. The bulge of the plastic sticks out a good 3 to 4 inches in most rooms. Really? Within manufacturing specs? So, it's within specs for windows not to keep heat in and air out. Before the plastic, I was losing significant heating dollars and I can only image what I'm losing in the summer trying to cool a 2,500 sq. ft home. Absolutely ridiculous.


05:14PM | 11/10/17
BV007461 technically your incorrect. If the existing framing on your house is out of square, and you put a new window in true and square the gaps from top to bottom will not be even. Unfortunately these all sound like installation issues.


09:01AM | 04/12/18
New home built in 2011/2012 and Simonton slider windows have been developing mold or algae in the seams at the bottom of the window between adjoining pieces of vinyl, even after modifying humidity levels so there is no or little condensation.

I have owned other vinyl windows and never had this problem.

Simonton has responded that it is not a malfunction but a build up; or basically go fly a kite. Canton, MI


04:01AM | 11/18/18
Our house is 6 month old with Simonton Profinish Windows. We are in Minnestoa, where it has already been pretty cold (and it's only Nov.). Needless to say, I found this sight because I am already frustrated with these windows. I feel extreme cold from these windows, air drafts, and it is alway at least 2 degress cooler on the half of the room with the windows. Heat constantly runs. Very upsetting.

W. Russell

08:20AM | 12/14/18
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I will never recommend purchasing Simonton windows. Air leaks through out the windows cause the curtains to move. I installed foam rubber blocks in the side channels to help stop some of the cold air from entering my home but still have the issue. They are horrible!!!!! It's a shame you spend good money and you think your getting a good product but find out it's just the opposite.


08:21PM | 12/15/18
I installed Reliabilt model 215 double pane replacement windows in 2003. Lowes had them for $68.00 a piece. The installation went smooth and for several years now they leak air on the inside between the glass and the window frame. It is so bad that I have to keep towels on the window seal and where the top sash meets the bottom sash. I constantly have to clean the mold off. Today I cleaned the area between the inside glass and the plastic frame and put a small bead of silicone compound on the bottom of the bottom sash. I'll let you know what happened tomorrow.~ Les


05:12PM | 02/22/19
Simonton 5500 is a phenomenal window. The pro finish series is like the lowest grade window they make. It’s rigjt up there with the Mezzo window that Window world sells. I assure you the 5500 series competes if not better than any windownon the market


06:53PM | 04/02/19
I am about to replace all my windows with Simonton Contractor Pro, and after reading all of these negative reviews I am scared to death. There are many sites that give them great reviews so who do you believe? Or, do I just go with a Harvey, which is always rated lower than Simonton? Please help. I am 75 and at my wits end. I can't afford to make any mistakes with windows.


05:48PM | 05/20/19
I wish I could get a Rep out here. I’m in SE MA. I just wanted them to hook me up with a trusted installer so he could tell me that all my new windows have to come out & be replaced again. No one will do anything & I know they’re installed wrong (I’m going to be 75 next wk.) and I probably could have done a better job. However, I need someone to corroborate this so I can get them replaced and have his insurance pay. Any suggestions? I called the place I bought them and the # and company they gave me is no good.
I’m going to die b4 this fiasco is done. And, right now I’m so i’ll I just don’t care. I’ll be homeless by week’s end. Living in my little p/u with 336k miles -and no help in sight.


04:46PM | 07/29/19
6 year old home - Pro Finish Brickmould 600. Glaze has failed in our picture window 20 feet up in our foyer and leaks down the whole wall when it rains. Simonton: “Yes, we’ll replace the window but you’ll have to pay for installation and damage, but the glaze shouldn’t have failed at only 6 years old”. No kidding Simonton. Small bathroom window top sash won’t stay up when unlocked...not too happy with Simonton.


04:54PM | 03/19/20
Simonton windows are the 'pits'!! We have refurbished many homes and have installed vinyl windows in all of them. We have had Jeldwen and Milguard, which performed really well! No drafts!! With our current home, we installed Simonton. They are so, so drafty, I just can't believe it:( Now, like all of you, we are stuck with them. I am using the old-fashioned methods to stop the drafts, such as covering with vinyl! I even hang a blanket up at night, which really does help! On a positive note: a little air exchange is good! (hee hee) I haven't contacted Simonton because, as the previous reviews stated, they will dance all around it. I'm not going let them upset me. As far as foam blocks....really!! Maybe I should try that??... We learned a lesson at the school of hard knocks!! God bless us all!


09:17AM | 11/23/20
I have also had air coming up the channel on both sides of all my Simonton 5500 series windows. Had to insert foam rubber as well. If anyone ever finds the reason why the air flows up the channel please post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



04:47PM | 06/26/21
We live in the mid Atlantic area and have Simonton windows that were installed in a brick house built in 2003. The house needed extensive renovations inside and once that was completed I planned to tackle the window seal problems. I contacted the Simonton window rep and have slowly made claims for several windows. Well, received a reply last week, we are the third owner and are not eligible for the warranty. What is their meaning of the "Lifetime"? Eight pages of "only (transferable)once in the "20 year lifetime warranty" and only if one registers the new owner within 30 days. This should be a document that is completed at your real estate closing!!

Perhaps I am lucky after reading all of the comments above. Oh, well here goes another chunk of money into this house (which we love) but almost 100 thousand dollars later, still need many new windows.

I must say however, our windows are tight and the house is cozy, perhaps we are just lucky. I have lived almost 80 years and never expected windows to be classified as a disposal item.


06:50AM | 08/31/21
We contracted with Home Depot for Simonton windows for our cabin. The window wrap (sills) is supposed to match the green color of the window frames. Windows arrived on time but on the installation date 8/24/21 the contractor was a no call / no show. Since then, and its only been one week, I have been unable to get resolution and a specific install date or lead-time. Apparently the green colored aluminum is not available. We have cotton wood in the old window frames and are concerned about water entering the home. The Home Depot installation Service is poor and not very responsible. The manager would not even return my call. Beware when ordering these windows as the color combinations that are being sold may not be properly supported with supply of materials.

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