10:14PM | 02/15/14
I built a new house in May 2013. The Builder used these.
I am in the Northern Zone - Ohio.
With the cold, I had ice build up on the inside with NO humidifier in my house :)

My Simonton Windows were the ProFinish Brickmould 300.

I am trying to find the PG (performance Grade) of these Windows - see Energy Star recommendations. So far, I would say don't buy these and tell your builder NO.


07:50AM | 03/27/14
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We also had Simonton 5500 replacement windows put in our home. The air comes up the channels on each side of the window. The company we purchased them from also put the small foams pieces at the bottom of each window. It did nothing to stop the air. There is no way these windows are energy efficient. Our home is all brick. Does that make a difference in the installment process? How do we stop the air from coming in? Attached is a picture using a smoke stick with the wind blowing 20 mph. HELP!


01:54PM | 06/26/14
I have no actual complaints with the Simonton Windows. The installation is the problem. Unfortunately, I went through Home Depot and have been working with them to fix the issues since they did come with a lifetime warranty. The installer that Home Depot contracted with is the pits. His attitude was horrendous and from what I understand no longer employed by that contractor. The install was so bad, he didn't even caulk the inside of the windows, which of course, led to ice build up in the winter. We'll see how Home Depot does with the repairs to the windows. I wonder if Simonton knows how bad a job is being done with installing their windows?


06:49PM | 07/02/14
big box stores are the last and worst place to buy windows from. They can make whatever guarantees they want about installation but you never know the quality of work or experience of the works they use.


04:00PM | 08/21/14
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I bought these windows 17 years ago and they have a 20 year warrantee on them. They were bad and so were being replaced by the people that I bought them from, Mr. Build out of Bradenton, Fl. They came to reorder them after I gave them the numbers from the windows and I had to wait seeing it was warrantee work. That was okay. Well when putting in some of the windows panes broke. Those had to be reordered. When they came in there was a difference in the tint and the one on the end was clear. They ordered it and it came in in a real dark tint. Now I have three tints across the front of my house and Simonton says they don't guarantee the tints. That I will just have to live with it. I had said that maybe they should just order 6 new windows and then all would then match and the problem would be fixed . Instead they kept sending pieces of panes to Mr. Build. Why should I just have to live with it???? Doesn't say much for Simonton Windows and their people. I would never buy from them again. It would be from Pella or some other good company.


10:03AM | 10/13/14
I live in Iowa and had 17 Simonton prism bronze replacement windows installed in my home 5 years ago. I have never been so disappointed about anything done to my home. I have had the dealer and installer both come out to look at these windows. They put foam pads in the bottom portion and claimed the problem would be solved. The air leaks up the window on both sides so badly, that we have had to put plastic on these windows as well as foam down the sides. I would never recommend these windows to anyone, especially where winters are bitterly cold. Simonton's service is terrible, and they hold 0 accountability.


06:41PM | 11/19/14
My wife and I purchased our home 4 years ago. On one winter night the wind was blowing pretty good (20 mph) and the heat in our home was on. The temp inside our home was 62 degrees with thermostat set to 68. The furnace continued to run and the temps never came up in the home until the winds died down. I complained to the builder and Simonton sent us rectangular blocks to place in the windows. They helped somewhat, however here we are 2 years later and it feels like the Arctic inside our home. I would never recommend these windows to anyone.


06:03PM | 02/26/15
I purchased a Simonton 6200 VantagePointe (Home Depot exclusive) with Sound & Security. The only issue I have had is with the sales cycle. Beyond that, everything's been smooth. The installer was excellent to work with and paid attention to small details. The window cuts about 80% of the noise I would normally hear, which is great for me as the neighbor closest to the window lets his overly barking dogs out, plus there are planes, trains, and automobiles going by at all hours. Can't hardly hear any of them.

Rain - only as it hits the roof.

The window is crystal clear which actually was a small bit annoying. It does not have the light reflective tinting, so I bought some good quality blinds.

I really don't think the issues here are because of Simonton windows. I've learned a LOT about windows in general having watched two different installers with two different brands (Pella and now Simonton). Even the Pellas, which are the low end of vinyl, are good replacement windows and don't have issues because the installer did that good of a job with them.

The quality of the home before the replacement has a lot to do with it. Sometimes it just doesn't go right.


07:01PM | 04/04/15
BV002977 - gaps between sashes and frames wider than top and bottom corners are due to improper installation. Shim the frame straight and gap should be even all the way up and down, just like a door reveal.

snoltz- yes, you did not buy a Lexus. Your contractor should have told you what you need. Pro-Finish is the builder(lowest) grade Simonton makes. That style is for temperate regions. Just as wearing a down jacket in Florida is silly, so is not buying one in Wisconsin.
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