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03:44AM | 10/31/02
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I installed a Pella storm door. There is always condensation on the inside of the storm door glass and frame. The exterior door is a new steel Pella door with a half-lite lowe e, argon glass. Is this happening because warm air is leaking out through the exterior door frame? Thanks for any help.

Jay J

03:18PM | 11/07/02
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Hi cwaller,

I would be interesting to know what the humidity level is in the house. For those readers that are just passing by - The condensation is the result of warm, MOIST air condensing-out onto the cold storm door. It doesn't matter how 'thick' the glass is, or even how many layers of glass there are. Depending, you can get condensation to form on almost ANY window or surface.

If condensation was forming on the storm door when the INTERIOR door is closed, then you'd have a warm-air-leak from the house into the 'cavity' between the 2 doors. If you have a humidifier, try dropping it to 35%. If you don't have a dehumidifier, consider getting one. Also, if the door is near a bathroom or a kitchen or on the 'cold' side of the house, the problem is magnified.

My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: God Bless America!


04:16PM | 11/17/02
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You may want to check the sill at the bottom of the Pella door.

You may need to adjust it for a tighter seal.

Jay J. is right about the condensation.

Good luck,


02:52AM | 11/20/02
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I checked the humidity level in my house. It is about 44%. There is condensation on the storm door when the exterior door is closed. Would the warm moist air be leaking out at the door frame where the weather-stripping is or can it leak through the glass? Even is I adjust my humidity level, wouldn't warm drier air still leak out the door? I never had this problem with my old exterior solid wood door and old storm door. I've adjusted the sill and it hasn't helped. Thanks for your help.


03:24AM | 11/20/02
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Also, If warm air is leaking outside does this mean the weather-stripping is not working properly? Does this mean the door isn't insulated properly? Thanks.

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