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11:33AM | 11/03/02
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We're redoing our single pane windows. I'd always thought probably the vinyl Viking @ Home Depot. Since it's old construction my dad says for uneven seating and to eliminate vinyl sagging that we should do aluminum duals and that there isn't that much difference in efficiency just cost. Feedback would be much appreciated.


04:37PM | 11/17/02
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Greetings MammaQueen,

Yes, there is a difference!

Because buying the cheaper, wrong window is always more expensive that buying the right one the first time, I would move you away from the windows from the "big box" stores.

I would look at some of your local dealers and then I would ask everyone I knew what they have and how they like them.

Aluminum windows that do not have a thermal brake, can cause heat loss.

Vinyl windows that are not re-enforced over certain widths can sag.

Vinyl windows that have welded sashes should be fine if the glass is attached to the sash all the way around.

Good luck,


05:03PM | 11/17/02
You might check with The Big Orange Box and special order Milgard, they are well constructed and have a 5/8" space between the panes of glass. You didn't say where you live Milgard is big on the West Coast.


06:50PM | 11/17/02
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What is the Big Orange Box? Home Depot? I live in California.


08:35AM | 11/19/02
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Greetings MammaQueen,

The big orange box is H.D.

But, I still would not use the windows!



02:57AM | 12/07/02
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Unless you live in a hot climate, where heating costs are not a issue, you shouldn't consider aluminum frames.
Aluminum frames only offer one advantage, you don't have to paint them.

The simple answer is (In most cases)Vinyl is much more efficient then aluminum.
If you buy a good Vinyl window you will be happy, However be aware of big box stores like Home Depot, ******* and ***** . These stores have their place, they have self-named themself's Home Improvement Center's.
These are Discount Do-It-Yourself stores.
They are a great place to but paint, Beef Jerky, work gloves, Christmas Lights, etc.
Ask yourself this question.
Would you buy a home that was built with materials form a big box store?


07:02PM | 12/08/02
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you can't stand in front of an alum. window and a vinyl window, same size, same glass, same exposure with your eyes closed and not tell the differance. don't fall for the vinyl over alum. hype. the differance your concerned with is weather you want more glass and less frame ( alum. ) or more frame and less glass (vinyl) the secret to energy efficiency is the glass. dual pane w/ low-e. if you live in a hot clim. you'll want the low-e on the # 2 surface (thats inside the outside pane) this will help keep the airspace closer to room temp. in colder clim. you'll want it on the #3 surface (thats inside the inside pane)this will allow heat gain in the winter to heat up the airspace. argon and krypton help the energy savings a little, not much but they both help a lot with reduceing noise. they are both very dense and inert and can really knock sound waves flat.having sold and installed windows and doors for 30+ years in the southwest i learned this.

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