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12:29PM | 01/07/03
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My husband and I have purchased a cabin in northern Wisconsin that was badly neglected (moisture, heat, cold, filth). We have cleaned it up but a couple of the windows have a film on them (inside the house) that can not, no matter what I have tried, can not be removed. The windows are double paned and I am 100% positive the film is not in between the two panes. I have tried EVERYTHING! Short of replacing the windows (my God, we are already spending plenty) any ideas? It is so bad that on a sunny day a person can hardly see out. The worst one is a big picture window in the living room by the fireplace and I really want it to look nice. Please help!

I appoligize for making it sound like it was a removable film/mask but it is not like that. It is like a baked on dirt film like on a shower door after years of hard water build up. I was thinking the poor conditions in the house (extreme heat, moisture combined with dirt, sun) may have added to the "baked on film".

Yes, I thought for sure CLR would do it too but it did not work. I, like I said, have tried everything. In fact many products may actually damage glass but I figured I had nothing to lose and used them anyway. Still - no luck. Thanks

These are some of the items I have tried and, yes, I know some of them are not supposed to be used on glass.
CLR, vinegar, Soft Scrub, Oxi Clean, The Works Tub& Tile, The Works Toilet, A hearth glass cleaner, an oven cleaner, SOS, a razors edge, paint thinner, steel wool, Awesome, WD40, Simichrome, Metal Wizard, a rust disolver, a wet fine sandpaper and several "super cleaners" such as 409 etc...
I can see that when I used the CORNER of a razor blade it scrapes off that's why I am so sure there is something out there but I can't do the whole picture window that way - it would scratch and I am pretty sure I have not yet damaged the glass.

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Jim D

11:26PM | 01/07/03
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Hi - depending on how desperate you are, have you thought about using a scraper - one of those made to take stickers off flat surfaces with a razor blade - on the windows in question? Maybe there is some type of add-on film the previous owners put on to reduce the amount of UV light coming in or whatever.

If you think you may want to save the film, try using a safety razor blade down along the window frame area to cut a short line and see if anything tries peeling away from the glass. If you don't want to save the film, then try scraping an area near the frame where you can put some pressure on the glass without much fear of breaking it. If a film starts coming up, you can grab the edge of it and scrape it up and towards the center of the window, pulling up on the free edge as you go. That way, you need less pressure on the glass where it could break easier.

I hope this helps some - good luck!

Jim D/Heathsville, VA


04:34AM | 01/08/03
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Have you tried CLR? you can get it at Wal Mart. It is good for removing hard water stains.


04:24PM | 01/09/03
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When you say you have tried everything without listing those things, it is hard to respond. Have you tried white vinegar and a scrubbie?

doug seibert

04:25AM | 01/10/03
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You say a razor will scratch/cut the mystery dark "film"?......I guess that that's a solar film that can be removed with the razor scraping (with some resistance)

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