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01:46PM | 04/06/03
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Well, my wife and I have been shopping replacement windows for about a month now. I think I'm ready to sign, but have cold feet (literally) and am looking for a sanity check on our decision. We are looking at 11 replacements, double hung, primarily in the 31.75" X 49.5" range. We looked at Pella, a "no-name" private label product, and Great Lakes...both the Great Lakes Gold and the Uniframe. We've zeroed in on the vinyl as material of choice, so are focusing on Great Lakes. Looking at low E and argon, U=.24 for both Great Lakes products. Quote for the 11, exterior install, with capping is $6400 on the Uniframes, $5000 on the Golds. They also want an additional $600 if we want to upgrade the Uniframes to the "fake" interior wood grain look. Company will guaranty installations and is a licensed Great Lakes distributor, around for over 30 years. We live in New Jersey, certainly not the cheapest place, but $7000 for the Uniframes is no small number. The $2000 spread between the Golds and the Uniframes is also making us think twice. Can anyone, please, offer a sanity check for us. We've had a lot of "wheeler-dealers" out to the house. I'd really value an unbiased view on whether we've truly completed our homework and are about to make an OK decision. Many thanks for any guidance. John


04:40PM | 04/09/03
There are MANY factors which contribute to determining the price of a replacement window. I am not in your part of the country, however from what you have discribed, I do not feel the price is out of range.
Greatlakes does make a good product, and if I remember correctly, the Uniframe also includes a knife edge interlock at the meetingrail. This is a great option, and will help to keep the window airtight at the weekest point on a D/H for the life of the product.
By what you stated, I have the impression that you have done your homework, on replacement windows, and you are looking at a good product, the only other suggestion I my have is since you are set on vinyl, which is the best value for the money, you may also want to look at the Alside Ultramaxx window. They are a great company who has been around for a long time, their product is wonderful, and they do stand behind it if there is a problem down the road. Their website is: Just a thought.

Good Luck.


09:37PM | 04/11/03
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I am interested in Great Lakes Windows too. They are sold as Ply Gem windows and have very good ratings. Only problem is they don't offer any tinted glass options, only low-E. I want triple pane, tinted low-e vinyl windows that are very energy efficient, look good and not real expensive. Has anyone purchased these windows?


07:43PM | 04/13/03
If you are looking @ triple pane with 2 coats of LowE squared, it will reduce the amount of visable light which comes through, and as you said they do make a good product.
If you are still set on an additional tint, as I stated before, look @ Their Ultramxx comes in triple pane, and they do offer tints. I think you can get them both on the same window.
Otherwise you can try This is the best vinyl window on the market, but it is not avail. in all areas yet.


06:04PM | 07/01/06
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The Great Lakes Uniframe window is the best window on the market for thermal efficiency, security, noise reduction, and dueability. I searched for months, looking at Pella, Anderson, Alsides, Milguard, Sears, Kolbe, etc.,etc. The Triple pane Krypton filled Low-E squared Uniframe WIndow is simply the best. My heating and cooling costs were cut in half, the planes and cars that went by I could not hear anymore, and the strength of the glass took a direct hit from a line drive(I live on the 2nd tee of a golf course). It broke the first pane but bounced 25 feet off of the 2nd pane back onto the green. The "fake" wood as you call it is actually a co-extrusion, and it is very beautiful. Are they a little more expensive, yes a little. But in about 8 years I will have paid for them in what I'm saving in my cooling and heating costs. They are absolutely worth the investment.


06:12PM | 02/02/14
Uniframe windows are q superior product. Not only are they very efficient but they now have re enforced sash rails with fiberglass rods thru sash rails. They are expensive but if you don't have to do a project twice , you've saved money. Truly the best om the market today.


06:43PM | 02/08/19
I had a Great Lake window put in years ago with a life time warranty which I cannot find and get no satisfaction when I talk with them

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