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08:38PM | 03/04/04
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I have a 26 inch by 54 inch double glazed window with bars sandwiched between the layers of glass to make it look like it is divided into smaller rectangular panes of glass. (I forgot what those bars are called.) This week, some nut shot it with a BB gun and put a quarter sized hole through only the outer pane of glass. I've never dealt with replacing a window before so I have a few questions. How much can I expect to pay to fix it? Can just the outer pane be replaced? I've heard of people removing windows and taking them in to be repaired, is this a viable option for this size window (btw, I'm pretty weak in weight lifting department)? Does anybody have any advice or tips for repairing this window? Having the nut pay for fixing the thing is not an option: she/he wasn't caught.


02:11PM | 03/09/04
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Double paned glass is sealed at the factory which means that you will need another sealed double paned glass to replace it.

You have two options:

1)If you know the manufatcurer of the window, call them and ask for service. They will send a certified factory trained rep to replace the double sahs for you

2)If you can't find the original manufacturer, call a local glass company who can usually make up a replacement pane and do the work at your home.


04:38PM | 03/09/04
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Is the glazing on the outside?

And if so couldn't he just remove the glaze and bring it in to a glass place to cut him a new one?


06:24PM | 03/13/04
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Window glazing compound is applied both on the inside and outside of any window pane(s).

Depending on the type of window unit (such as a 'welded' vinyl or some types of framed wooden glass frames) is not possible at all to remove the glass without breaking it and there is also no way for the DIYer to reinstall it.

Best to call the glazier in most cases.

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