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11:14AM | 06/25/13
I've just moved into a house built in the 1960s. There is no built-in dishwasher, just an old detached one (the yellow monstrosity on the left), which you have to roll over to the sink and hook up. I'm certain it's not energy efficient!

There's no obvious spot where a dishwasher would go--there's only a section of drawers about 18" wide between the sink and stove.

Do I need to tear out the whole kitchen and start from scratch, or is there a creative way I can install a dishwasher? And what would be involved in doing so? I'm not handy AT ALL so I need to hire someone, but at this stage I don't even know how to communicate what I want.


12:23PM | 06/27/13
Perhaps I need to elaborate... I don't WANT a portable dishwasher. I didn't even know they still made them. I would like a normal, ENERGY STAR-rated dishwasher. I just don't know where it can go. I don't know how to run a water line, drain line, or electrical lines. So don't LOL at me, jerk.


01:05PM | 06/27/13
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Congrats on the move. It sounds like you may have to start from scratch. Is there another place you can put your fridge (I had mine in the mudroom by my kitchen..not exactly great but it gave me the room I needed) and if so, is there room on the other side of the sink?

David, Moderator

11:43PM | 01/21/14
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It doesn't look like you have many options besides starting. I can't tell how much of an area you have to the right of the sink.
Looks like you have a 30" sink base.
I believe somebody still makes an under-sink dishwasher. They are 24" so you would have to fill in 3" on both sides and install a new sink bowl.
I would not attempt on your own. I have installed a few, definitely not a DIY project
You could also install a small cabinet with countertop where the dishwasher sits now. You could use a 15" cabinet on both sides. Plumbing shouldn't be much of a problem depending whether you have a basement.
Hope this was helpful

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