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10:00PM | 11/03/13
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Moved a wall and some cabinetry. I need about 15 to 20 square feet. I have a pattern that used all 3 sizes. 12x12, 6x12, and 6x6. I have Mardi gras. Which has all the colors. So I think Burbon street, cobblestone, or Spicy gumbo may work also. Please let me know if anyone has these for sale.


04:44PM | 11/07/13
I have some of all 3 sizes. Call 281-416-2222


04:31PM | 01/03/14
I needed to see if you still have some of this tile still available. I am in search for it,as it has been discontinued. Thanks in advance
April Gaspard


03:37PM | 02/15/14
Please let me know if you have any available.


10:14PM | 03/24/14
Do you still have any tile? We need 1 box 12 X 12, 1 box 6 X 12 and 1 box 6 X 6. Thanks, Linda


06:24PM | 04/21/14
I need some 12x12 daltile french quarter tile. Anyone have any?


11:48AM | 04/28/14
I am also looking for at least one box of 12x12 dal tile French quarter mar diagrams tile. Please let me know if you still have some available. Thank you, Greg


02:32PM | 06/20/14
I need French quarter mardi gras tile.


04:24PM | 06/20/14
Does anyone still have any Mardi Gras tile available to sell? I only need a few pieces of the rectangular (6x12) & the small (6x6) to replace some tiles in my kitchen and I would greatly appreciate if someone could please contact me back at

Thank you for any help you can provide!


01:00AM | 07/04/14
I need about 6 12x12, 12 6x12, 24 6x6 Datile French Quarter Mardi Gras Tiles. Live near St Louis MO

Thanks You
Jim Bills


12:16PM | 07/12/14
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I to need some Mardi Gras Tile 12x12. I am also going to share with a friend that needs some. Will make do with any size I can get.
You can reach me at or 318-742-0796


07:40PM | 09/22/14
If anyone has any more french quarter for sale please call carla at (559)732-0789. I need to finish up a 10x20' area.


05:07PM | 03/26/15
I need 3 or 4 boxes of the 12x6 tiles where can I get them?


04:20PM | 05/21/15
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I'm taking down a wall and need any size Mardi Gras I can get.

If you have any, I would love to buy it. Email me at

Thanks so much


04:24PM | 05/21/15
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The email for request on Mardi Gras tile is

I need the Mardi Gras, any size, any amount I can get.



10:08AM | 07/07/15
I have several boxes. I have 4 boxes of 6x12 cobblestone.
14 boxes of 6x12 Mardi Gras and 4 boxes of 6x6 Mardi Gras. I am in Morrison, Colorado. I would like to get 11 dollars per box. I will be posting it on craigslist today. Please let me know if you are interested.


11:44AM | 11/01/15
Hi - I am willing to pay a premium for about five (5-6) boxes each of Daltile French Quarter Mardi Gras tile 12x12 and 6x6 to match an adjacent floor. Please let me know if you know of any person or place that has these available. Thanks. Hans 585-749-4705


10:50AM | 12/29/15
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I am in need of 1 box of spicy gumbo from the French Quarter Series. Please email me if you have a box you are willing to sell.


02:54PM | 01/05/16
I need to replace a few tiles that got cracked when my house was being raised. 12x12, 6x6, or any size you have. I only need a few but willing to buy the case. contact



03:36PM | 02/02/16
I need Daltile French Quarter Mardi Gras tile 12x12 to replace a few tiles that got cracked in my kitchen. I only need a few but willing to buy the case. Does anyone know where to find?




09:23PM | 03/16/16
I was the first post replying to a request for Mardi Gras tile in 2013. I sold out within a few weeks but could not take the post down. I am sorry if the old posting gets your hopes up for locating more tile because it is very popular and difficult to find. You do not need to trouble yourself by calling that old number: 281-416-2222. Best of Luck!


10:15PM | 06/09/16
I am in need of all three sizes, does anyone have any?


10:30AM | 07/17/16
Please let me know if you have or know of any place where I can get more French Quarter Mardi Gras floor tile. I need all sizes.


01:45PM | 08/04/16
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I need Daltile French Quarter Mardi Gras in 12X12, 6X12, and 6X6 to replace cracked tiles in kitchen. These tiles were installed about 15 years ago. I actuall only need 5-12, and 5-6X12 now. Will to pay premium for box of all three sizes. Call 504-818-4196


07:43PM | 02/03/18
I'm in need of Daltile French Quarter tile. Any size and quantity. Prefer Mardis Gras, but other colors might work.


01:35PM | 02/26/18
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Last year broke my bathroom floor and didn't fint the right replacement so I just painted the floor. This new approach is great but I know for sure that the most innovative self-glow paint is luminescent paint Noxton. And I've been approached by a lot of people about my opinion on it, I always say this. They use completely new technology to increase glow strength of their paints. I like that.


09:26PM | 06/13/18
Close match to Mardi Gras tile

Emser Tile Bombay Madasa, Satara, Salsette



09:45AM | 06/30/18
I need any size Mardi Gras tile - 4 boxes. Please contact me at 512-415-2703. Thank you SO much.


06:36PM | 07/25/18
I recently bought 20 tiles of daltile mardi gras to fill in an area in my kitchen, but have since decided to redo my kitchen floors. If interested, please call/message 410-984-7175.


10:52PM | 01/07/19
I am looking for Daltile French Quarter Cobblestone or Spicy Gumbo tile. 6x6 or 12x12

Thank you,


11:10AM | 06/27/19
Is this tile still available


10:32AM | 08/26/19
Does anyone have approximately 4 boxes of 12 x 12 French quarter Spicy Gumbo ceramic floor tiles for sale?
Please respond to


08:43PM | 01/01/20
I am looking for some of this tile I need I need any size Mardi Gras tile I need 90 sq feet.


05:37PM | 01/30/20
Looking for Daltile French Quarter Cobblestone 12 x 12 or 12 x 6 Stock #3114 Will pay. Gerard (631) 553-5133


11:09PM | 02/04/20

I need some 6x6 6x12 French quarter spicy gumbo. I have 6-1/2 boxes of 12x12 does anybody want to trade? Need a box or so. Please call me 630-514-2575


06:48PM | 02/17/20
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I need Daltile French Quarter Series --- Mardi Gras need 12x12 size but could also use 12x6 and 6x6 Thank You in advance email:

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