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07:50PM | 09/17/04
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I am wondering if anyone has any opinions about these doors that come with mini blinds in between the glass? What is the possibility of them breaking or getting damaged by the sun, heat or continuous use?

I haven't been able to find any reviews about them other than by the manufacturer (Pella), that are unbiased. Thanks!


07:40PM | 09/22/04
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My opinion is biased as well, from several bad experiences with Pella. They seem to focus more on offereing consumer 'toys' like the miniblinds, than on high quality door and window units. They do work hard to replace poor quality stuff in the first year or two, but I have heard way too manystories of them ignoring customers from bygine years who have problems with their products.

If you dont need the blinds, Marvin, Andersen, and Kolbe Kolbe all have better units available, though not all as inexpensive.

Excellence is its own reward!


12:44AM | 05/11/05
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I have over 25 pella casement windows here in wisconsin and the only problem I have ever had was with the blind actuator stripping its gears. They have never failed to take care of my concerns. i began installing them almost 25 years ago and my wife loves them. You do have to follow their installation instructions to the "T" otherwise you will have problems. An ounce of prevention... Well thats my 2 cents.


07:25PM | 12/02/13
the strings controlling the lift/tilt functions of our in-between glass blinds are broken and Pella will not repair them. we were told replacement blinds are $500 for each patio door!


12:01PM | 07/15/14
We paid top dollar for a steel exterior clad, wood interior Pella Sliding glass door with miniblinds between glass.

9 years in and no real problems with the blinds, BUT the whole thing has to be replaced because the steel exterior did not prevent water from getting into the bottom edge of the door which has now completely rotted out! The door has southern exposure and is the most protected (weatherwise) side of the house.



04:50PM | 07/13/15
I have two Pella patio doors. Pella was great when I first got the doors. Now the doors are a little over two years old and no longer under warranty. Water is coming in under the door. It will take (notice I said WILL TAKE) nearly two months to get a technician to look at the problem. They quoted outlandish amounts to have the technician onsite. I would not buy these doors again.


02:57PM | 04/29/16
Do not buy these doors. One of our blind strings broke and there is not way to fix or replace it! Pella has been NO HELP! Do not buy these!


05:40PM | 06/22/16
We have two large windows with pella windows. One has internal blinds metal blinds that can be tilted via a turning mechanism. The windows are 25 years old. During the past five years the mechanism has needed some repairs, and now the mesh that holds the metal blinds in the window has broken. The local Pella store says that mesh is no longer available, but they did give me some string to try to fix the broken strings. Not entirely satisfactory for what brands itself as a high quality line of products.


04:02PM | 11/22/16
There is an exceptional quality window with blinds between the glass, that's about half the price of a Pella or Anderson.


11:23PM | 11/28/16
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I would suggest you to seek recommendation from a professional company. The technicians at Triple Crown Glass & Mirror helped me a lot in choosing a suitable patio door.


09:20PM | 05/14/17
The moisture beads are starting to come out at the bottom of the jamb. At first I thought I had termites but was told the seal must of broken down and the beads are rolling out. I haven't gotten in touch with Pella yet but the doors are a little over 4 years old.


01:51PM | 05/30/17
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I just looked at buying and then walked away from a Pella aluminum clad over wood. The cladded doors seem to have a tendency to rot out and leak, many of them. The Pella I saw had exposed pine wood on the bottom exterior. As far as blinds go, I'd like them too but will forego if I have to for quality. My parents' house though has Jeld-Wen with the blinds that are pushing 20 yo. But quality then, might not be the same now.


09:01PM | 05/15/18
After 18 years of service, I would agree with the following:
1. New Pella doors and windows are hard to beat.
I had tilt blinds installed between the panes. If you tilt every day, the tilting mechanisms will where out quickly and the purpose of having blinds will be nul and void.
3. 9 out of 10 Pella Aluminum Clad Exterior/Wood interior windows which were installed by Pella authorized installers at great expense LEAKED. Water was seeping from the glass into the space between the panes. It is pretty difficult to get a window to leak from rain in Southern California. But they did leak. To save time and further damage I recaulked them myself.
4. It is kind of like a Ferrari. Works and looks great until you get like 5000 miles on them. Then they become a nightmare.

Perhaps the only reason Pella has the market cornered is no one else is willing to have a bad name from selling over priced windows with between the pane blinds.


05:18PM | 06/13/20
We have a dozen Pella between the pane mini blinds, plus a patio door on double hung windows. Wood/Aluminum clad. Painted white, no stain just varnish on the inside wood.

They were installed 20 years ago(2000). Any problem we have had, such as plastic breaking on the patio screen door, Pella took care of the issue. No charge.

The paint is now very dull on the outside south facing windows. It isn't as bright as it was, but no one would notice except my wife and I.

We did have a baseball go through the window and damage the blinds 2003. Window was $200+ to replace(I could find no one locally to fix them- they are in a unique frame). Blind replacement was I think $350 for a 30" x 30" blind. We lived with the damaged blind and it reminds us of that very fateful day.

Were they worth the money? We have never regretted our purchase and we have never seen an alternative we like better. I don't think a Rolls Royce is worth the money, but if you want a Rolls Royce, you have to pay what you have to pay.


08:27PM | 07/10/20
I have them on my patio door in my kitchen for over 20yrs & I love them.
They still look great. I have a galley kitchen so it was my best option because theyb were never in the way as curtains would be & they are always neat looking.
I occasionally clean them but since glass is so air tight its not necessary to clean more often.


10:07AM | 12/26/20
looking for ladder strings any place to buy?

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