04:08PM | 12/07/13
I had to replace my kitchen light. It was simple, connect the ground wire with the ground wire on the fixture and cap off. Connect the white wire with the white wire on the fixture and cap off. Connect the black wire with the black wire on the fixture and cap off. These were the only wires in the ceiling and attached to the fixture. When I turned the power back on the light came on but I had the light switch in the off position. The light switch doesn't turn the light off and on. The light stays on all the time so I disconnected the ballast.
Could it be the light switch that needs to be replaced?

Duane, Moderator

09:32PM | 12/07/13
Member Since: 11/14/13
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You are limited to possible problems, it sounds like you wired the light correctly based on your description.
I would replace the switch next. The Black wire is the power, white is neutral and bare or green is ground.

Good luck


02:09PM | 12/08/13
Thank you for responding. I actually replaced the switch this morning. The light still staying on and the dimmer switch for the dining room always worked but now I have to move the dimmer switch down to turn on instead of up after replacing the light switch for the kitchen?


03:50PM | 12/08/13
Also forgot to mention, the light continues to stay on, changing the switch did not fix this problem.


02:18PM | 12/09/13
Sorry forgot to mention that, but the old light was also flourescent. So does the dimmer need to be replaced as well? But the dimmer is for a separate light in the dining room.


12:05PM | 12/10/13
I guess I need to switch wires because there were only a black, white and copper wire coming from the ceiling and a black, white and copper wire on the fixture which the instructions said to just match up with each of same wire in the ceiling. Will try what I was going to try which is the last resort and that is connect the fixture black wire with white wire in ceiling and connect the fixture white wire with black in ceiling.

Thank You.


09:38PM | 01/19/14
Did that work?


10:22PM | 02/18/14
I wired 2 3ways switches and than 3 flouresent lights coming directly from the breaker panel. I have voltage at the lights but they will not turn on.


05:38PM | 04/27/14
did it work - I have same problem checked everything - want to try and connect white to blacka nd black to white but waiting to hear if it worked for you


04:36AM | 06/07/14
Did you manage to fix it?


10:54AM | 06/16/14
I turned my light switch off and there was still a red light coming from the circuit


07:09PM | 07/12/14
replaced 1 of 2 light fixtures in bedroom ceiling. White to White Black to black and gound. switch turned off. put light in and it came on the other light did not - it is working by the switch. Help!!


09:51AM | 07/13/14
Bulb is too loose.


05:02PM | 10/13/14
Light fixture just 2 wires, The box had 2 white, 2 black and 1 red and a ground. Put the red and blacks together and the whites together now although the lights will light when the bulbs screwed in but the switch won't turn them off.


02:06PM | 10/26/14
Having the same problem. Switch worked with old light. With breaker on, whites together and blacks together and grounded switch doesnt turn on or off. Light just stays on.


06:19AM | 10/27/14
When you took it apart and put it back together you got the wiring goofed up. It's as simple as that. Nothing mysterious about it


09:59PM | 02/03/15
Mine is doing the same thing I've tried wiring it every way possible but it still will not shut off at the switch


04:33PM | 02/15/15
We're having the same problem... Any info?


10:39AM | 04/04/15
Try removing the switchbox altogether, and leaving the wires disconnected but safely separated. Then turn the power on. If the lightbulb comes on with the wires completely separated, then that is not the correct line to the fixture, and is why the light is always staying on no matter what you do. If it is the correct line, then you must be wiring incorrectly to the switch. Sometimes dual switches have little metal tabs that link the parallel poles on one side, and you have to break them off to isolate a pole. Perhaps this is the case? maybe send a picture of the backside of the switch so we can take a look.


01:16PM | 04/04/15
They shouldn't even be monkeying around with it.It's Asinine.


04:00AM | 07/24/15
Had the same problem. Switches we're fried.
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