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02:48PM | 10/15/04
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I am looking for the mastercraft oak-n-steel web site.WE put onewith a sidelite in last month and the door is warping plus the the pre-drilled lock set does not match with the pre-drilled sidelite.Does any one have this site!!


08:52PM | 01/04/05
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mastercraft does not have a website because ******* owns mastercraft and john menard does not have a computer on his desk. if you go to the millwork department and ask them for a installed complaint form, a rep from mastercraft will assist you.


09:59AM | 09/05/06
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That is corect..go to Millwork and get a form. I replaced a door with an oval window in it once and it is bad again. Full view storm get it too hot and the plastic frame on the oval window cracks, warps and pops the screws out. Then when it rains (summer/screen)the door fills with water and then when it freezes it warps the door. They replaced one and the second did the same. I'm all done with Mastercraft.

Good Luck..No quality.


11:17AM | 12/25/06
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The Mastercraft pine doors at Menard's are so inexpensive. Anyone know where to buy in Arizona? Or where thye buy their door slabs from? Thanks.


06:54PM | 06/10/07
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Mastercraft doors are made by Midwest Manufacturing. or


12:21PM | 07/28/07
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I wish I had read these comments before purchasing Mastercraft doors. I bought a set of exterior prehung full lite fiberglass doors a month ago and they delivered them to my house with 1 1/2" gaps in the weatherstripping and door sweeps plus defects in the frame. I have not had any significant response from either Menards where I purchased them, or Mastercraft. They certainly push their lifetime warranty when selling them but do not stand behind it when there is a problem. Buyer beware on Mastercraft doors!


06:49PM | 07/30/07
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I am/was considering purchasing a Mastercraft fiberglass entry door. After reading the posts here, it seems that the door has alot of issues when exposed to the elements. My question is, I plan on using a storm door along with the new door. Since the door won't actually be directly exposed to the elements would I still need to be worried about all of the issues on this forum? My wife really liked this door and it is in our price range, but I don't want to have to fight anyone on warranty issues.


12:12AM | 12/14/09
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Do NOT buy Mastercraft Exterior Doors! If we can save one person the headache and's worth it. Bgt 5 FIVE mastercraft french doors (special order) for new construction. Such poor quality...leaked after heavy rain, so bad...into foundation. 3-4 wks delay waiting for rep to fly in from WI. Rep blamed install. Caulked/made sure plumb- declared "fixed". Next rain...LEAKS. Doors broke seal and leaked from the glass INSIDE the door! Embarrassment to American-made. HUGE damage/headache/huge $...over $7K invested in 5 doors. Menards/Mastercraft DO NOT back products or compensate. GO elsewhere. We replaced with Pella Sliders...LOVE them. See pics to back claims. If you cave and buy Mastercraft b/c they're'll pay in the long run. Buyer BEWARE!
6822 warning warning dang


06:22PM | 04/19/10
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We just bought a special order Mastercraft prefinished external steel door with sidelite from Menards. The space between the door and frame on the latch side was 3/8" wide (too wide), and rain came in through the weatherstrip on the bottom of the door during a very hard driving rain (in 35 mph winds). We were very unhappy. I took pictures and submitted them with the Customer Complaint form, both faxing and mailing them to Menards. At the Midwest Manufacturing website I found a form I could submit online. Midwest Mfg (Eau Claire, WI office - 1.5 hr. drive from us) called the next day and made an appointment to come look at the door/sidelite for 3 days later. We expected that person to look at the door, maybe take more pictures, then go back and report his findings. We were pleasantly surprised. The Sales & Service Reg (a young man) came with all the tools he might need, and he used them. He measured and inspected the entire installation for any other problems. He then spent 3 hours adjusting the frame, removing and reinstalling the weatherstrip, applying caulk and additional insulation (in places that was our responsibility to do). He checked it over so closely that he found a tiny air leak (that we hadn't noticed) from a screw in the sidelite that wasn't quite tight enough. He worked steadily the entire time, was very polite and helpful, and did such an excellent job that we are now totally satisfied with the door. And he assured us with the Lifetime warranty that if anything happens or fails in future, we still have the choice of getting it repaired or replaced. We are extremely satisfied with the quick response and service Midwest Manufacturing gave us.


04:57PM | 01/03/13
I agree with the rest on here! Our door has water running out of the window from when you shut the door hard...and I am in Minnesota. It's January, so that has been there for a while. Since we just noticed it, I just emailed today and see if I hear anything. Also the weatherstripping is terrible!


12:06PM | 11/25/13
I've installed three exterior doors and only one has properly sealed. The other two required adjusting the lock plates on the dead bolt in order to force the compression required to get the door to seal. When these suckers need replacing I will not be buying from Menards again. These are not the cheap $100 door either, each door cost me about $500 each.


07:53AM | 11/18/14
Menards is causing me fits. I've vowed not to do any significant business with Home Depot after the cottage renovation headaches. And now it is Menards. My thousands of dollars MASTERCRAFT front door does not close. Try to close it and all you get is "ca-thud, ca-thud" as it slams up against the frame of a brand new door that supposedly has a lifetime warranty. The installer says it is a defect in the way the pre-hung door was made. I go to Menards and respectfully ask them to send someone out to assess it and take care of it. They roll on the floor laughing. Oh, here is a form to fill out and mail to Eau Claire, WI. Are you kidding me? It is now winter and I can't close the door. I can't lock up the thousands of dollars worth of stuff that needs to be there to be installed that could easily walk away if you can't even close the front door! Nope, fill out the form and mail it. So I do. And wait with the Jeopardy final round music playing in the background. After two weeks of no response, I go to back to the store. They call and leave a message and tell me they will call me. After another week of no response, I go back to the store. They call and leave another message and tell me they will call me. After two days of no response, I go back to the store. They call and get the answering machine. I give the lady trying to help "the look." She pressed this time and asks to speak to a human being. The Jeopardy music plays in the background. The long and short of it is the warranty department has been trying to mail a response to the installer, using a wrong address and keeps getting the mail returned. "Well, what response are you mailing?" Oh, another form for them to fill out together with a request for pictures and a request for a warp and plumb test be performed. Neither of which are the problem and all of which will probably cost more than it would cost for me to have the door repaired -- and take long enough for me to give up and have the door repaired as this is an emergency. Which is what they have in mind all along. I am by no means done with buying stuff for this house and MENARDS has lost my future business over this. And one week later, after I went in and gave the sales associate the address that could be used, no request for additional information has arrived. Ca-thud, ca-thud. If this was your new construction, how would you like to be treated? Life time warranty, my foot, they won't even get behind their products out of the box. I have a sick feeling that they already have a "faulty installation" stamp ready to hammer down on the ten page further information form. And another sick feeling that if I fix the damn thing myself, they will gleefully declare that I have voided their nonexistent warranty.


11:51AM | 01/23/18
My son is building a new home. We ordered a Mastercraft fiberglass front door with oval glass. The first time it rained the water ran in around the glass and onto the living room floor. thankfully the new wood floor has not been installed. I contacted Mastercraft directly after calling the Menards store and receiving a less than satisfactory response of fill out this form and mail it. Yeah, right. We will see what happens.

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