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03:58PM | 01/02/14
My hurd windows were built while the employees were on strike. They then filed bankruptcy and got out of the 20 year warranty. What can I do with these expensive junky windows that leak, apparently have NO gas in them, have ice build up all the way around them, have non working mechanisms and screens that break at any appempt to even touch them. My humidity level is 30%, so I do Not go for that answer as far as the ice is concerned.


04:43PM | 01/04/14
We have Hurd casement windows with the "Heat Mirror" installed in 1989. We should have known they were bad when the first one cracked upon installation. They are fogged from inside moisture. They have always leaked. We bought IR heaters to compensate with high electric bills. This year we took a good look at the problem. The millworker is poor around the outside frame, with 1/8 inch gap common. The gasket weather stripping is to thin for the window and some are short by 1/4 inch. When shut, the window hits the wood perimeter and no weather seal is made leaving gaps for air. The casement dead area is not insulated, leaving cold air to sweat the hardware. The windows are aluminum clad allowing a cold perimeter. All this leads to warm hitting cold outside air and condensing. We have seen drops of water forming above the aluminum window and ice at the bottom. The wood is dark with mold stains.
This is what we did to partially fix the problem. We bought 1" pink closed cell insulation from Home Depot and cut to fit the open gap in the crank area. The crank mechanism was insulated with sticky grey 1-1/8" x 1/4" "camper bed" foam tape cut to fit top and bottom small area. Black 5/8" thick sticky foam was placed in the center area to allow the crank hardware to close inside a cacoon. This was painstakingly hard as the backing had to be removed to stick inside the 1" deep x 3" high area. We used white water proof outdoor calk for the wood area that was not milled right and weather strip corners. Then 3/8 brown Frost King door weather stripping was used around the crank area. The above was a stop gap measure we ran out of warm weather to do the whole project. Tapeing the windows with packing tape helps stop the air flow. Other ideas would be to flip the windows to get the mold stained on top refinish or reglaze with low-E replacement glass. New crank hardware for larger windows. The right weather seal is a must. We bought Hurd because downstairs Pella were failing. Andersen vinyl replacement windows downstairs have never had any problems.



06:09PM | 01/13/14
Hurd is a mid level quality window at best. Honestly you might be better off replacing with a higher quality window such as Kolbe or Marvin.


11:21AM | 06/19/14
I will be replacing with Marvin as soon as I can.


06:13PM | 12/27/19
Hurd windows are absolute shit. I have a house full of them and they leak horribly, the coating on the outside of the windows has turned colors so now I cant even see out of them. Their customer service is horrible. Terrible company and they should not be allowed to continue taking advantage of people.


04:58PM | 03/28/20
My house is 27 years old all my Hurd windows have gone bad We replaced the main ones in the living room so our view would not be cloudy. We are retired so doubt we will replace any more. I know it will effect the sale of our home someday.


09:14AM | 05/02/20
If a Hurd window has managed to survive 14 years of Mid-Atlantic hot summers and cold winters, what are the chances it goes bad in the future?

A handful of Hurds in our 2006 house have seal leaks. But it has been several years since one failed. Wondering if that means the "bad ones" are out of the way.

If the answer is that all my Hurds will inevitably fail, I might suck it up and do whole-house window replacement with Andersens, expensive as that would be.


07:26AM | 06/11/20
Just replaced all my 15 yr old hurd windows with Marvin. Seals were tearing out, two leaking, horrible windows.


05:29PM | 01/16/21
Bob, I have a problem with a drawstring going bad in my HURD screen window with the blinds on them.. We got all our new windows from Hurd when we built our new home in 2005 and that's about the only problem that and patio blind which I replaced with both new ones.
If you could advise me where I could find a local place that sells Hurd windows? or how to order them?
My address is:
Charlotte Welbig
3207 Heather Lane
Brookings, SD..


03:24PM | 07/25/21
I am disappointed in all I have read about issues with Hurd windows. We built a new home In 1993 and the builder was very high on Hurd windows. There are 38 windows in our home. Knock on wood, we have not had any fogging, or icing issues, perhaps it was the installation or it might just have been a good year for Hurd. We have been very pleased with them.


01:07PM | 12/06/21
My home is 30 years old. When i built it I chose Hurd widows largely because a good friend in the building business recommended them. I have to say that I have had zeo issues with them and they still look new. Installation was done bu the window company and not the builders helpers. I feel that made all the difference.


11:47AM | 05/03/22
I would really like to get a class action lawsuit going against HURD windows and doors, my house built in 1999 with all HURD products and most have the seal broken and are clouded up, I know they are not in business anymore, thank GOD, so who would you go after?.

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