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08:00PM | 02/23/14
the builder put in a raised sump pump about 12 inches high from the base of the pit.It worked for eight years and finally broke.The plumber replaced it but also put in a backup but set it on the base of the pit. Now it goes on all the time when there is a rainfall--depending on the rainfall it could go on continuously for hours.Right now with the snow melting and recent rain it goes on 50 secs, off about6 secs and for the last 24 hours.I have turned off the base to see what would happen and the water rose to the level of the highest inlet pipe and stopped.I had it off for 12 hrs and no change in water level.I also poured buckets of water into the pit but it drained out.the conclusion I reached like the builder is I have a high water level and therefore should raise the base pump to the level of the highest inlet pipe like the builder.My plumber says no-- that I should continue running the pump to remove the water from causing any damage to the footings and foundation.I have receive 50% answers from forums agreeing and 50% disagreeing.Raise it or leave it


02:41PM | 03/02/14
I have done the exact thing you described! My pump used to go off about the middle of the inlet pipe and only very rarely usually in the spring rains so pit always had water in it now I revamped/replaced the two pumps and one of them has a float that goes on all winter long because the humidifier drains into it so should I continue like this? Anyone?..... I mean I don't care about water sitting in the pit I have a very high water table and have flooded 3 times in the basement in the last 7 years this is the reason for the revamp. Switched from 2 1/2 hp pumps through 1 1/4" pipe to 1 3/4hp pump and 1 1/2hp pump thru 1 1/2" pipe now. I am just trying my!!!


11:33AM | 03/04/14
BV-thanks for the reply-I am glad to see it's me and you against the plumbers-I hope I could get some more answers-thanks


06:23AM | 03/06/14
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I would go with Sylvan's advice.


10:57AM | 03/06/14
thanks LG--looks like three of us agree-funny part I just had the pump off for 15 hrs and level of the water went down a quarter of inch and as soon as I turned the pump on it started pumping every minute and a half.
Well I am still looking for more answers-any builders or engineers out there


11:05AM | 03/06/14
sorry guys I think I have responding to wrong posts-anyhow thanks Sylvan for your advice --thanks LG for agreeing with us-and BV I will let you know if and when I raise the pump how it turns out-


10:04PM | 06/04/14
BV - I have the same exact problem but am afraid if I raise the pump it will cause water to back up and leak into my foundation (a wooden one at that). I just installed an expensive battery backup system, but feel like I should have just placed my current pump on a brick or cinder block and shortened the pipe. Have you found anymore definitive info? Thanks in advance - Mike


06:47AM | 06/22/14
i'm in a middle of the block townhouse. I get all the water and pumps almost constant. I tried raising the float and it help a small bit and my next door neighbors pump starting pumping occasionally. I'm so afraid my foundation will crumble. why am I getting "all the water in my block".


05:19AM | 06/27/20
So,, how did you resolve the problem. Could you include a picture of what you did?

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