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10:50PM | 02/27/14
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I have approximately 45 square feet of unused Daltile French Quarter Cobblestone 3114 tiles. I also have approximately 30 square feet of reclaimed/used tiles of the same type. These are a mixture of 12"x12", 6"x12", and 6"x6". The used tiles are all whole tiles in very good condition.


05:21PM | 03/03/14
I am looking for the 6x6 and or the 6x12 and need 60 sq feet.


10:04PM | 03/03/14
I would be able to use a few 12x12 but the bulk in the smaller sizes. Marion O


08:24AM | 03/12/14
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I am interested! I'm also In California. Where are you located? How much do you want for it? How much to ship it to 90650? Pick up would be better if your in these parts.



04:28PM | 03/12/14
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BV003429, I'm sorry for not getting back sooner. Do you still need these tiles?


04:31PM | 03/12/14
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The_Prospector, I'm waiting for a response back from another interested party. If they don't take them, I will contact you again. Also, I'm in Tennessee, so pick up is not an option. I will have to check on shipping cost.


05:28PM | 03/15/14
I have decided against the tiles- Marion O.


08:38PM | 03/16/14
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The_Prospector, the first party changed her mind on the tile. I checked on the shipping cost for the whole batch of tiles. Shipping with UPS ground will cost around $355.00. Are you still interested?


11:28AM | 03/18/14
I am interested in a box of 6X6 if you have it still. Please email me at thanks!


02:54PM | 03/25/14
I am interested in the 6X12 tiles if any are available Please let me know asap.


08:08PM | 03/25/14
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I have a full box of 22 new tiles and 13 reclaimed tiles in good condition. I have a rough estimate of $90 for shipping all of these tiles. I am in northeast Tennessee if you are close enough to pick them up.


07:07AM | 03/30/14
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Sorry for the late reply! Silly me! I thought I'd get an Email when there was a response, but now I know, that does not happen.

Well Now I'm confused! I thought 1 box contained 11 tiles which covers 11.1 sqft, yet you say you have a new full box of 22 tiles (which to me would be 2 full new boxes. What am I missing?

I was picturing something like this:
12 X 12 New in box 3 boxes = 33 tiles Reclaimed = 8 tiles
6 X 12 New in box 1 box= reclaimed = 16 tiles
6x6 new in box 1 box= etc.

I guess you sold some :) lol Well My Email is the quickest way to get in touch:



07:40PM | 03/31/14
Do you still have the Dal Frenchquarter Cobblestone tiles? My deck needs some repair work and am in need of some 6x6, 6x12, and 12x12 tiles. Just let me know if you still have - thank you!

randy -


07:46PM | 03/31/14
Need 3 boxes of Daltile French Quarter - Cobblestone
(color 3114). Please advise if still available. Located
in Oregon


04:42PM | 04/05/14
I have About 1500 SqFt of French Quarter cobblestone tile I need to get rid of.


10:12PM | 04/05/14
I need some 12x12 cobblestone tile. In Los Angeles. Only need 2 but willing to take more so I don't have to search again in the future. Email :


11:26AM | 04/09/14
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I am interested in 6x12 and 12x12 tiles but will consider any and all. i am located in Ohio about 25 miles east of Cleveland.Thanks


12:51AM | 04/11/14
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Do you still have the Daltile French Quarter tiles?


12:35PM | 04/11/14
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I am following this thread looking for a source for the 12x12 size and need 1 box (or 6 - 12 used or unused). I will continue to follow to see if anyone gets a positive response. Very unfortunate that it is so difficult to find replacements for what appears have been a very popular style. Thank you.


06:59PM | 04/12/14
Hi, We are looking for 45 sq feet in 12x12, 6x12, 6x6, of the French Quarter Cobblestone. Do you have any left?


04:32PM | 04/15/14
Need a box of 12X12 and a box of 6X6. Live in Canton Ga. Thanks for a speedy reply of yes or no with price. Thanks.


04:35PM | 04/15/14
Has anyone come up with a reasonable match for the Mardi Gras ceramic tile?


08:57PM | 04/20/14
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Here is a detailed list of the tiles that I have for sale:

6x12 - 1 box new (22 tiles/ 11 sq. ft.) , 13 reclaimed tiles in good condition.
6x6 - 10 new tiles, 54 reclaimed tiles
12x12 - 3 boxes minus 1 tile new (32 tiles total), 11 reclaimed tiles. One of the new tiles has a broken corner. The corner of the box has torn from top to bottom, so I can see the broken piece moving.

The reclaimed tiles are in very good condition. Most still have the mortar stuck to the back and some still have some of the grout. They were pulled from a bathroom that had a leaky shower, so the tiles came loose from the concrete floor.

You can contact me by email at

repair man

10:05AM | 04/22/14
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Are these the tile in Tennessee. If so what is the prico.


01:00PM | 05/12/14
do you have any tile left? if so what size.


06:18PM | 05/14/14
VERY INTERESTED in assorted sizes need ASAP....please email me with pricing and will pay for shipping!!


03:34PM | 05/19/14
Hello! Do you still have any of these French quarter tiles left? I just need a few pieces to fix a 3x3 area. I am in St. Louis. Please email me at Thanks!


12:15PM | 05/27/14
I am looking for these tiles I live in Alberta Canada do you still have them and how can we get them.
what is your email


09:45AM | 05/29/14
I only have 6x6 tiles left: 10 new and 54 reclaimed in very good condition. Please email me if interested:


09:13PM | 06/04/14
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I am in need of the following French Quarter Cobblestone tiles

50 12x12 tiles (or more)
50 6x12 tiles (or more)
100 6x6 tiles (or more)

willing to pay shipping to California. Please answer ASAP to



10:52AM | 06/26/14
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Hi all , I am in need of new or reclaimed 12x12 french quarter cobblestone 3114 - I need at least 11sq ft but will take up to 22 sq ft or 2 full boxes , I am in Drexel Hill , PA 19026 please call or text me 610-636-6873 or email me - I have paypal to pay for shipping and tiles , thanks Ron
Img 7108


10:22PM | 06/30/14
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do you till have any tiles left? I need all 3 sizes for a 20x3 hallway


12:09AM | 07/01/14
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do you have any of the tile left?


11:51AM | 07/01/14
I am looking for 10sf of 6x6, 71sf of 6x12, 56sf of 12x12

Please contact me at 520-977-9473 or

Thank you,



07:06PM | 07/07/14
Could you sell me 2 boxes of 12x12 tiles?
Also how would i contact you.


11:12PM | 07/15/14
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can anyone tell me how to remove my previous post ? thanks


02:32PM | 07/17/14
Is there any of this tile left. We have a major plumbing problem and they have jack hammered about15-20 of my 12 x12 tiles. After the expense of the plumbing problem, I cannot afford to redo the entire floor in kitchen, hall, entry and bath which are all connected visually. Please let me know. Thank you. Linda Slawson, Scottsdale, AZ


03:33PM | 08/28/14
Are there any of these tiles left? I am looking for assorted sizes and color. Thank you. Cat


02:46AM | 09/13/14
HI I am looking for about 50 square feet of assorted Dal Tile French quarter cobblestone. I am willing to pay shipping costs.

Please contact me at or 516 547 5978.

Thank you.


05:53PM | 09/23/14
I would like to buy tile please call THomas at 808 597-7556


01:59PM | 09/28/14
I have some Dal-tile French Quarter Cobblestone tiles in 6x6 & 6x12. If interested please email me at
Dal tile 001


05:33PM | 11/06/14
I need 36 12 x 12 Dal-Tile French Quarter Cobblestone tiles. I can be reached at


09:00AM | 11/13/14
Anyone still have 3114 Cobblestone? If so, email me


07:10PM | 11/22/14
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We need 12 12x12's how much are they and where are you located (shipping fees)? We are located in Hesperia. Thank You

Mikey B

12:29PM | 11/25/14
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Could use any of the sizes. If any left, kindly email me at thank you.


04:38PM | 11/29/14
If anyone has Dal Tile Cobblestone 3114 French Quarter, please contact me @ or (727) 480-1434


08:02AM | 12/07/14
I am searching for Daltile French quarter cobblestone tiles. Any size is needed.


03:19PM | 02/02/15
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I am looking for 20 sf of 12"x12" 3114 French quarter cobblestone, do you still have some?


06:04PM | 04/02/15
Does anyone have any of the three sizes they are interested in selling? (12x12, 12x6 and 6x6). If so please email me at


04:59PM | 04/08/15
I need 520' sq feet of the French Quarter in Cobblestone 12" x 12", 6" x 12" and 6" x 6" . Please email me


10:54PM | 04/20/15
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I am in dire need of one of two boxes of the 12 x 12. Want to be sure they are the same as I have. Color is mix of blue and grey tones? Please email me direct - I can take a picture of what I have. Do you have a pic I can see? THank you.


12:27PM | 05/12/15

I need 5 or 6 12x12 and 5 6x12 French quarter cobblestone tile. Please let me know if anyone has any.



12:52PM | 05/12/15

I need 5 or 6 12x12 and 5 6x12 French quarter cobblestone tile. Please let me know if anyone has any. Please email me directly at



09:09PM | 05/22/15
I am interested in all 3 sizes, wondering if you have any left and where you are located/how the delivery works?


11:33AM | 07/16/15
Do you still have these tiles (Daltile French Quarter Cobblestone)? I'm in need of about 16-20 tiles.


10:57PM | 07/17/15
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I am also looking for about 24 12" x 12" Daltile French Quarter. I would prefer Cobblestone or Mardi Gras, but I think I can make any work for the small area I need. Does anyone have this?
thanks, S.


05:08PM | 07/20/15
I'm also looking for a significant amount (200+sf) of Daltile French Quarter Cobblestone in varying sizes to finish a new-to-me home. The kitchen, laundry, and a runway strip of office/entry are visually connected in this discontinued tile, which needs to be completed (both sides of the runway). Any other ideas are appreciated (without replacing all the previous flooring!)!


01:14AM | 07/30/15
If you still have 6X6 and 6X12 I would be interested.


01:43PM | 08/10/15
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Do you still have any Daltile French Quarter Cobblestone tiles?

Tile floor


03:52PM | 08/10/15
I am also interested in all 3 sizes of the Cobblestone if any is still available.


09:57PM | 08/27/15
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I am looking for 6-8 6x12 French Quarter tiles for shipment to Massachusetts. Does anyone heave that specific size?

Thanks so much!


05:00PM | 09/08/15
Member Since: 09/08/15
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05:34PM | 09/22/15
Interested in 45-50 12x12 tiles. I'm in Birmingham, AL 35243


10:12AM | 10/18/15
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I am looking for 30 to 40 sq ft of the Daltile #3114 Cobblestone frenchquarters tile in the 6"x6" and the 6"x12". Email: or text @806-282-4987


10:18PM | 10/18/15
Member Since: 10/18/15
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Also looking for some of this tile. Around 30 sq ft of mixed 6x6 and 6x12 to finish a hearth my father started tiling before he passed away. and thanks


06:57PM | 11/28/15
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I am still looking for some tile, new or used. tzimmermn,, Amarillo, TX


11:56AM | 12/02/15
Are these tiles still available? Please email me @


04:43PM | 12/02/15
Member Since: 12/02/15
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Do you still have any Daltile French Quarter Cobblestone tiles, desperately 6x12 would take 3, Thanks! Rhiannon
12299347 977644888964185 8154753884408893570 n


10:26PM | 03/08/16
Do you have any of these 12 x 12 tiles?
Daltile French Quarters Cobblestone

Old forum, but thought I would take a shot!


10:51AM | 03/31/16
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I'm willing to pay a premium for 30Sq Ft of 12X12 Marti Gras


08:19PM | 04/02/16
Do you still have any of the French Quarter Cobblestone tiles? Can you send a picture of one or two of the tiles so we can be certain that they are the same ones we are looking to match? We only need a few square feet, but would be interested in buying the remainder of what you have if not cost prohibitive. What is the price? Thanks, Mark


01:15AM | 06/07/16
00606 apieygvoirk 600x450


01:30PM | 06/07/16
I am in need of 12x12 dalitile french quarter cobble stone. Does anyone have ?


01:59PM | 06/07/16
I only have the 6×12 sorry


03:07PM | 06/08/16
I got one box of 12×12 8068931004 text me


05:24PM | 07/29/16
Hi, any of these Daltile French Quarter Cobblestone tiles left?


03:11PM | 08/01/16

I found this tile. It is listed on Ebay as "Reclaimed Daltile French Quarter series." and I believe it will match the Cobblestone colors along with maybe mardi gras? Also the same listing has a few new tiles.


01:27PM | 08/20/16
I still have one box of 12×12 and many more of the 12×6 text me at 8068931004


10:40PM | 10/06/16
I need some French Quarter Cobblestone - preferably 6 x 12. I need about 15 sq ft. Please let me know who to contact if you still have some. Thanks :)


03:47PM | 10/31/16

Would the person with the 6 x 12 tiles please text me at 5084460025. Is that French Quarter Bourbon Street? It may be close enough for some replacement tiles.

Thank you so much!


10:28PM | 05/01/17
I know this is an old post but I thought I'd try...Is there any 12x12 of this tile available?


11:15PM | 05/02/17
I have 20 pieces of 6 x 12 tiles, if that helps anyone.

These are the code 3114.

If interested, email me: 654321 "at"


12:54PM | 09/18/17
Member Since: 09/18/17
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I need just under 23 sq. ft. of this tile. Do you still have any?


10:24AM | 12/11/17
Checking to see if you still have the cobblestone French quarter tiles.


10:59AM | 03/04/18
Hi, looking for 12" x 12", any color. email to


07:27PM | 03/12/18
If you have Daltile French Quarter tile to sell (all sizes and colors) please email me. I need the tile for a bathroom addition.


09:58PM | 07/22/18
I really wish you still had these. Someone should remove this post


10:56PM | 09/15/18
Does anyone still have this tile? I need about 8 tiles of either 12x12 or 6x12.


10:58PM | 10/05/18
I have some French Quarter Madison Grass tiles. Most are 6x6 (almost a full box), and I have just a few 12×12 if you are still interested. Please email 12x12 -$20 each plus shipping; 6×6 -$5.00 plus shipping.


11:02PM | 10/05/18
Please forgive auto correct... I have Daltile Mardi Gras French Quarter tiles for sale. Previously posted quantities and prices are correct. Thank you.


02:31PM | 11/07/18
Do you have 12x12 French Quarter Cobblestone? I need about 6


11:33PM | 12/10/18
Any tile remaining for sale? My email is

Tx. Bob Glance


05:04PM | 12/17/18
I need 8 12x12 French quarter cobblestone if available to replace broken tiles. Thank yiu.


02:28PM | 02/20/19
Do you still have tiles left
Daltile french quarter cobblestone
Need 4 6x6, 6x12 and 12x12


05:23AM | 03/29/19
I have all those sizes in the French quarter cobblestone . Please email me at Thanks


07:06PM | 05/10/19
Do you still have any of this tile left? If so where are you located? We need at least 2 boxes of the 6x12 size.


07:14PM | 07/10/19
I know it’s been a while, Would you happen to have any of that Tile left? I’m needing about 150 Sq Ft of the mixed sizes.



04:13PM | 07/11/19
Do you still have this and how much are you asking for it?


06:59PM | 07/19/19
Member Since: 07/19/19
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do you have any of the Daltile french quarter cobble stone tile i need all 3 sizes but will take any you have. text me 914.384.4604


06:03PM | 08/12/19
Member Since: 08/12/19
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I am looking for all three sizes of Daltile french quarter cobble stone tile. I need eight 12 x 12, six 12 x 6 and six 6 x 6 but I will take what I can get. Email @ or text me 443-875-5788


03:17PM | 08/28/19
Long-shot but do you still have available?


09:59AM | 08/29/19
I’m interested in the tiles please contact me. Robert Jackson


03:30PM | 09/20/19
I am looking for just one box of 12x12 French Quarter cobblestone for a repair.


07:26AM | 10/20/19
Interested in these tiles please! Please contact


10:26PM | 11/03/19
Do you still have the DalTile French Quarter Cobblestone tiles?


09:45AM | 12/22/19
i'm in need of 30-50 12x12 and 20-30 6x12 asap, located near toledo ohio.


10:46PM | 01/07/20
I’m need 20 feet of cobblestone. Anyone???


03:25PM | 01/20/20
I am looking for a box or even a small number of these tiles to replace some broken/cracked tiles.


11:07AM | 02/01/20
I am looking for a box of Daltile french quarter cobblestone 6x6 tiles. I will purchase a smaller quantity as well. I can be reached at or you can text me at 504-669-8869. Thank you..


11:10AM | 02/01/20
I am looking for a box of Daltile french quarter cobblestone 6x6 tiles. I will purchase a smaller quantity as well. I can be reached at or you can text me at 504-669-8869. Thank you..


04:56PM | 08/10/21
I am needing a few boxes of Daltile French quarter cobblestone in various sizes. It’s throughout my parents house and they have some tiles that need repaired. Anyone that has some, please email me at / call or text 541-430-1889. Thank you!! Ingrid


10:26AM | 09/08/21 or

I have approx. one box of daltile french quarter cobblestone 12 x 12. Looking for more in 6x6 6x12 and 12x12 to cover a 130 sq. ft. addition. If cannot find will sell these.


12:09AM | 12/01/21
hi I need some i can use the 4X4 or the 6X4 i need to finish my kitchen. please get in touch with me at or call txt 914 646-2180


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