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11:18PM | 05/05/14
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In my 35 year old house; old Broken loose bathtub (shower, my only use) drain stopper fell down through pipes in slab…
it fell past the "T" in the drain pipe while I was trying to retrieve it through the overflow assembly with a coat hanger with a hook in the end; while trying to hook it I pushed it instead and it went quick and easy, I had hooked it several times but it would not come up and out; I heard a thunk and, PRESTO; the tub as well as any thing else in the house drains flushes GREAT although the problem was with the tub only! What I think (pray) happened; is that it went trough to the (6 or 4 inch?) pvc plumbing in/under the slab and out to the septic tank!?!?!?! Ideas comments advice; how lucky was that OR will something dreadful happen later?
John R Blair Jr (Cpl. USMC 77-81 Military Police)

Some advice that started me off!?!?!?
Tub drain
How do I retrieve a detached plunger from a bathtub drain

I had this problem and took a wire coat hanger, straightened it, then bent a little hook on the end of it. After 10-15 attempts, I snagged it enough to release a little water out of the tub. After another five minutes I was able to dislodge the plug. I took it all the way out and everything is now working properly.

Chances are when you pull the overflow assembly out, your problem will either be solved, or at least identified. When you unscrew the faceplate (with the trip lever), you'll either pull out the whole assembly with the brass cylinder that plugs the drain (in which case it'll most likely be full of hair), OR you'll get nothing but the faceplate and you'll find the rest of the assembly has become detached and fallen down the drain causing the slow drain.


11:46PM | 03/23/15
Hi . I take off lift level out and found out that the hook at lift level broke and check inside overflow pipe does not have linkages and then I use auger but it is stopped at somewhere I think right at curve of drain pipe and auger can not go further anymore.
Do you have any suggestions


09:02AM | 03/24/15
Here is the picture inside of the overflow pipe. Look like plunger stopper is not there. But why I can not run snake through. ????


09:52AM | 03/24/15
have a look closer the small pipe inside .Is it a stopper or just another pipe end ?


09:54AM | 03/24/15
picture here
Img 0534

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