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02:55AM | 08/25/07
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When we built our house 10 years ago we purchased 6 peachtree doors this week one of the doors outside glass exploded into a million pieces it didn't hurt the inside glass. Please tell me how to go about getting it repaired or replaced. I know peachtree has a warrantee but I can't seem to find them.

The doors where purchased in Madison Tn, at the Home Depot, I went ther yesterday but they no longer carry peachtree doors.

Please help.
6141 peachtree patio door


04:49AM | 08/25/07
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05:46AM | 09/03/07
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most likely the glass won't be covered under warranty due to it being 10 years old. highly unlikely that it will be covered. glass most likely broke by getting hit by something (rock or bird). anyway you can try calling 1-888-888-3814.









07:18PM | 09/11/07
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Good luck. I purchased 10 sets of Peachtree french doors that carried a lifetime warranty. When they rusted five months after installation, before the building was even complete, I found out how valuable my warranty was. Peachtree provided paint to cover the rust---to be painted at my expense! I've had to sand off the rust and repaint every year since---at my expense.


05:29AM | 09/13/07
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Your best bet may be local glass companies. I doubt that the glass is covered by warranty in this case. Sometimes a warranty will cover fogging in the glass from condensation for a limited number of years.

But just about any glass size you can think of should be available from a local glass companies, even custom sizes, for much less than Peachtree will charge you.

They will have a guy come out and measure your glass to make sure they get you the right size and install it for you. And prices are usually pretty reasonable if you choose the right company.


07:38AM | 10/22/10
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I know this is an older post but a door should set on a job for 5-months without being painted. No wonder it rusted it is steel.









08:51PM | 06/21/13
I purchased Peachtree fiberglass patio french doors about 11 years ago for a new house construction. The doors warped several years ago and has leaked water and wind/cold air. Now I am having to replace the doors and have repaired water damage done. I thought the doors had a lifetime waranty. The distributor, Wm.S. Trimble in Knoxville nolonger sells Peachtree. Can anyone give me any assistance?


11:14AM | 07/19/13
I purchased peachtree french doors and screens. I installed the doors, but did not install tHe screens because it was december. In the spring I tried to install screens but found they were the wrong size. The local distributor took the screens and hardware back and reordered fhem and again the the wrong size screens. It took two more attempts to get the right screen. When I finally got the right screen they refused to give me the screen hardware back. They were very rude , I would not deal with Peachtree again.

Linda TG

10:35PM | 07/23/13
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Our house was built in 1993 and we have an Atrium patio door(the right side is stationary. The lock doesn't work anymore and so we would like to know if we could buy a new lock for it, or do we need to replace the door.


05:39PM | 11/19/13
I also have a Peach Tree PRADA Patio door that was designed with a threshold drainage flaw. It has no weep holes to allow water to escape out of the threshold and rotted the middle and two sides where the wood meets the aluminum frame. There is a Ten year warranty and I am in the 8th year. I purchased the unit at Menards in Green Bay Wisconsin. I talked with Menards several times and was given the Peachtree is out of business and no warranties are available anymore.

I did some research and found out that Peach Tree Doors and Windows was purchased under the Shield Family Company. The Shield Family Company owns Weather Shield, Crestline, and Peach Tree Windows and Door Companies. The Parent Company shut down the Peach Tree factory in Georgia in 2008 and then made the Peach Tree product line in Wisconsin at the Weather Shield plant in 2009.

One would think that the parent Company Shield Family would honor the Peach Tree Warranties through the Weather Shield name as they did make the product line at their facility. But they have disavowed the Peach Tree name as being associated with them and now say there is no warranty coverage. Menards although helpful in sending a letter to Weather Shield and knowing they will not warranty the Peach Tree product still carries the weather shield and Crestline product lines. So when the parent company decides to shut down one of the other two lines your warranty will most likely go the route of Peach Tree. If I were Menards I would not do business with the Shield Family Company if they don’t honor warranties. It seems this is just a Corporate shell game.

Call 1-800-826-5509 and ask for LU YENTER after someone picks up. Listen to them say the Peach Tree Company while you are on hold yet when you talk to the rep they disassociate themselves and say the company longer exists. Really blows your mind and then she turns you over to the legal office and this lawyer again says they have no liability.


12:34PM | 11/26/13
bilions of $$ are owed by the peachtree co. for defective products thy sold to the public.Where is the GOV. agency that protect us from fraud like this??

A bank robber gets shot and killed for few dollars..

Yet these Co. do anyhing they want.



08:06AM | 01/12/14
All I want to know is if I can I replace the S118 glass ( 9 lite) in a peach tree door? It doesn't have the typical clamshell frame with screws for easy removal. I am thinking that they surely didn't manufacture a door that you can't replace the glass. This door is in a well maintained home that I built 25 years ago. There isn't a speck of rust or any other defect on the door, other than the glass has finally fogged.


10:07AM | 05/01/14
They are shit doors and windows I would not do business with any of the shields companies


10:23AM | 05/07/14
Installed peachtree fiberglass French patio doors in new construction in 2001. Two years ago the actuator hub in the door latch hardware broke. Again. The hardware is cheap, the operating mechanisms are made from cheap pot metal that is easily deformed and/or broken rather than a reasonably durable material. I've already replaced this hardware once, after only five years, at my own expense, in a door we don't even use on a daily basis. Very disappointed and dissatisfied with company and products.

Nokomis il


03:19PM | 08/22/14
I have a peachtree fiberglass entry door with side lights.
the side lights need replacing. I have the replacement parts but
I don't know how to install them. the inside trim around the
side lights is molded into the door and not removable. The out side of the door looks the same. Can anyone tell me how to access the side lights for removal.


11:36AM | 09/01/14
Our peach tree slider wont unlock what can we do


12:45AM | 09/16/14
I have a Peachtree Sliding patio door. The Latch mechanism in the screen door and the piece on the jam, both made of plastic broke twice, so we took the broken parts and remade them out of stainless steel, now they don't break anymore and work great, but most people can't do that. As for the unlocking lock you will have to unscrew the thing apart and than unlock it and replace with new parts or have them made or just get a new door. Weather Shield windows are not much better, as they were the windows in our first new home and they didn't work right after about one year of use. Menard's still sells Crestline windows and doors and I have had great luck with them, but they were bought out by WS some time ago, but so far they haven't been screwed up by WS yet.


02:28PM | 10/16/14
I have a Peachtree Citidal 6.0 slider that was purchsed in 2002. Of late, I am experiencing a water infiltration problem. I have caulked EVERYTHING on the exterior side including the glazing strips/glass, the jamb, the seam where the threshold two pieces meet, etc. When I sprinkle the bottom rail ONLY, there is infiltration below the jamb. This only takes about 2-3 minutes to see the infiltration. I note that after sprinkling the bottom rail, the black "fuzzy" strip is I guess that is where the infiltration is but I don't see how to stop it. I would appreciate any and all ideas short of replacing the whole door.


03:26PM | 12/03/14
I had Peach Tree doors installed in my new home in 1983 and no problems until recently when the Prado Door deadbolt is difficult to unlock on occasion. I did a search for repair parts and found the same thing everyone else has, Peach Tree is out of business. However I did find a website that does carry Peachtree parts for most repairable units. This is the company sites name.


11:51AM | 02/24/15
BV006426......thanks for posting that. I sent them an email and hopefully they can send me info on how to get mine open. I have two double glass doors that are locked and will not open. I have no idea how to get into these things with them in a shut position to fix them. Hopefully they will have some answers for me.


05:28AM | 02/25/15
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Hi, saw your post check out they are great with getting quotes from local contractors for free.


10:42AM | 07/13/15
Have a look at:


10:32AM | 09/03/15
I to have a petri door I purchased from Minard's back in August 2007 that I paid $4100 for And I am trying to replace sidelight glass no phone number for Menards low company exist for Peachtree lousy warrantee I'm thinking of calling my states attorneys office somebody should be responsible I did my part it's too bad we have to complain for Bob Vela that's ridiculous Occom there is no website no phone number no contact standby your product or go out of business is worth far as I'm concerned


05:01PM | 11/02/15
I built my house in 2000, all with Peachtree doors and windows bought from a distributor Midway Wholesale in Kansas. I had a lot of problems with the windows and they replaced several glass window for me, then they stopped doing that and would simply supply the replacements. Now they won't even do that. Now I'm having problems with the patio doors, which have a lifetime warranty. The latches have broken and I cannot get the doors open. The distributor will not stand behind the warranty and suggested I call a service company. They told me that Weathershield purchased Peachtree so I called Weathershield. They told me they do hold the warranty for Peachtree. I'm not a lawyer but I always thought if you bought a company you got the liablities also. Has anyone pursued legal action on this. Seems to me to be a good candidate for a class action law suit.


06:58PM | 11/06/15
my peachtree door is about 20 plus yrs old and now we have water damage under the door, so we need to remove the door and fix under it. The door is in good condition, but we cannot get anyone to do the work.


01:39PM | 10/28/16
is this a good door for the North East? Is the quality good?


03:32PM | 10/28/16
They are no longer in business- and I wouldn't consider the company who bought them out for products either because,they excused themselves from all liabilities on customers of Peachtree when they bought it.I had two sidelights with failed seals.Peachtree no longer made the glass pattern in my door unit but we're supposed to try to locate two for me.when I finally realized they weren't going to try anything,and called,I got the runaround and my case has been turned over to some woman,when I emailed her telling her a local glass company wouldn't touch the repairs ( because of my warranty- they said it was the company and the local distributors job to see that work was properly done)- she sent a nasty reply.i had to contact the local building supply's CEO and that took care of it,some replacement sidelights very similar were rounded up and sent to me and,they located a carpenter to do the replacements.
Having said all that- check online at reviews for any building products before committing money- doors are expensive.For your area you might consider Andersen made in Bayport,MN.pricey but you do get what you pay for.


03:01PM | 02/08/18
Their sliding patio doors are absolute junk!!!! We had to replace the first one after three years it started growing mushrooms on the bottom of the door!!! The second one is doing the same thing. Don’t buy one!!!


02:38PM | 04/10/18
they suck


11:59AM | 06/03/18
Is Peachtree out of business? How can I replace a shattered glass patio door? Could a glazing company replace the glass?


01:22PM | 12/14/18
I need a Peachtree Citadel Door Hinge 3-1/2 x 4 - Dichromate Brass where can I get one,
during a remodel the worker took a hinge off and lost it. now I have a door with three hinges and cannot find a replacement hinge. please help


12:28AM | 06/07/19
Do you have a full view storm door over the subject door? If so the temp between the two doors climbs rapidly once the sun begins to shine on the door. Possibly the heat popped the glass.


11:36AM | 01/21/20
I'd say, by the looks of reading the crying go on here that 80% of you had your products installed incorrectly.

A guy can be building and installing for 30 years, be a solid guy and conduct himself like a professional. But if he's been doing it wrong for 30 years how are you going to know? How likely is he to change or make adjustments to "his way" after reading the manufacture instructions?

I recently purchased a POS $300 Home Depot Stock fiberglass door and installed it on the back of my home. It needed a lot of work before I could even think about installing it. All the screws for the hinges were installed at the wrong angles causing the hinges to bind a little. The door operates perfectly. Good tight seal, easy to open and close.

I sold a high quality $2800 fiberglass entry door to a customer who had a good 40 year carpenter install his door. The customer came back and said the door does not close properly and it's very difficult to open and close. The 40 year carpenter told him it's the door. That the seals are really tough and firm not allowing the door to close properly.

I went out to the job and popped the interior trim off the hinge side and sure enough, shims at every hinge and screwed right through them. He has no idea how to adjust his door. For the last 40 years every time he installed a door it was a Hail Marry and pray it works out.

So who's wrong? The company who has been making products for 80 years? Dumping millions in to research and development. Or the guy putting it in? Who didn't bother to read the instructions.


12:38PM | 01/26/20
In response to the installers ability, we purchased a slider through a friend that has been in the profession for 40 years. After he installed the door and left, we thought something isn’t right. He installed the door upside down. The weep holes were at the top. And he’s a professional that does beautiful work! Do you believe it.

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