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01:16PM | 07/27/15
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Hello all. I am really hoping for some advice and/or reassurance that my ideas may provide a solution.

I have lived is a stacked town house for 2 years now, and both summers the walls in the upstairs hallway sweat at the top of the wall. There is about 1 foot of dead space above the doors that seems to trap the hot air. I am fairly certain this problems is a humidity issue. I have a lot of difficulty cooling the top level of the town house and on bad days, you can even reach your hand up above the doors in the hallway and feel the temperature change. We recently went on vacation and turned the AC up, when we came home, the ceilings have developed a few stops of mold in addition to the sweat.
The air does not have any place to escape. I do have an attic fan in the hallway, but it seems to be pretty air tight.

My thoughts on possible solutions:

1. put in a vent to the attic t allow the hot air to rise higher. My concerns with this is that the cold air that I am trying to preserve will just have one more place to escape from.

2. Prop open some of the slats in the attic fan to accomplish the same result as #1. Same concern as #1.

3. Get a portable dehumidifier and but it in the hallway. Concerns that it will be cumbersome, as the landing is not very big.

4. Remove fish tanks from the upstairs. You can almost notice the water evaporation in a day, we add about 3 gallons of water each month to each tank. I know this is adding to the humidity, but my concern is the kids will mutiny if I try and take their fish tanks! (Didn't have the fish tanks the first summer here, but still had the sweating walls. I don't think it was quite as bad though.)

Any ideas folks? I truly appreciate your input!


02:42PM | 08/04/15
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Just giving my post a bump. Any thoughts?

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