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10:31PM | 01/19/16
This machine has a compartment on top when opened contains a threaded, open-topped screw and what looks like a gear-type device. What is this and what is it's use?


04:58AM | 02/15/16
That compartment is where you insert plastic cams to do decorative stitching. To insert the cams, put the needle in it's highest position, slide the stitch width control all the way to the right, put the cam in the top and be sure the cam sets firmly over the little locator pin in there. Once it's in, you slide the stitch width back to the left. After that, set your stich length to about 1/2, and make sure the front control knob is on "C" (except for cam number "0", that setting is on "B") . You may have to loosen the top tension a bit, so cloth doesn't pucker up. Each cam make a different pattern for top-stitching, embroidery, etc. When you are done with that cam, put the needle in it's highest position again, slide the stitch width control all the way to the right, pull out the cam, and slide the width control back to the left. Hope this helps!


11:03AM | 12/03/17
I bought a 158 15000 at Salvation Army store for $15.00. They told me it worked. It doesn't. When I press on foot pedal, machine makes a noise and needle doesn't do anything. Is it worth getting repaired?


01:29PM | 12/04/17
Hi, it could be that the drive wheel is disengaged, like when winding a bobbin. No cost to fix, find the drive wheel and turn the inner wheel toward you until it won't turn. If that doesn't fix it, you could have a loose or broken drive belt.


05:45PM | 06/07/18
There is no control knob labeled 'C' (no knob labeled anything!) to switch to to be able to insert cam.
Not sure this is my model # - just going from previous post.
I can put the cam in, but it won't full seat itself down to the full level in order to make the decorative stitch. Help!

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