05:52AM | 05/01/09
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I built my house in 1994 and contractor used MW Vinyl Clad Windows. At that time, everyone in the building industry thought the product was great. I know because I did "my homework".

Rather quickly however, the adhesive dissapated and the vinyl pulled away from the underlying wood framing. When rain sits under this vinyl, the obvious reaction is rotting wood frames.

Is there a class action suit pending and if not, how can we start one?


10:13AM | 06/20/09
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I replacing 6 sills, one jamb and the outside trim on a triple window. All due to wood rot. I will spend 1500 to 1800 with repairs after its all overwith. Some of the sill that I'm not replacing I will repair. At least 3 I'm repairing. I have 26 windows and the house is 15 years old.


08:02AM | 07/23/09
DO NOT BUY MW WINDOWS(diff. from Marvin Windows)! CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT? Where do we sign up?

We purchased our 11 yr old,custom-built home in 2004. Builder specs indicated "MW WINDOWS" were installed. Our windows are a combo of casements & double-hung (MW logo is stamped on the casements' crank handle cover).

In 2007, we contacted MW because the vinyl was separating from the wood on a few of the windows. Were told by MW that the windows are not their brand. Since then, we've contacted several window specialists and other window mfrs.;none could tell us how to repair them, short of replacing them.

Because the separation is now getting worse on ALL the windows, we contacted MW's warranty dept. again today and were, once again told to send pictures, but that the windows are not their brand. Clearly, the logos stamped on our handle caps say otherwise. I mentioned the builder's spec of MW Windows to the warranty dept. rep; classic response: "That doesn't mean that the builder actually installed MW Windows." And,when I mentioned the MW logo on the handle cap, the warranty rep, Jeff Johnson, said, "The original caps might have gotten lost and they replaced them with MW brand caps." They seem to have an excuse for everything.

For the record, we're not looking for freebies, just some answers as to why the separation, and if repairing them is even possible. Of course, for MWW to acknowledge that the windows are,in fact, the MW brand would mean that MW bears a responsibility to repair or replace them.

Given the numbers of posts on this site alone re. this same subject,it seems likely that the Earth will stop spinning before MWW is willing to acknowledge their responsibility for these windows. A JUNK PRODUCT? This is a fine example of one! Only trumped by their joke of a warranty policy.

6683 mw windows vinyl sep


08:10AM | 09/08/09
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I to have put mw vinal clad windows in my home 5 years ago and am having to replace over half of them due to leaking and rotting issues, What are other people doing about this ? is there a class action in going on ?


12:58PM | 09/21/09
Member Since: 09/20/09
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Windows are 7 years old and have been bad for 4 of them.

Ready to fight them.



02:33PM | 09/21/09
We finally found a knowledgable window rep who found out that we do NOT have MW windows. We are replacing the windows because the mfr. has been bought out and the warrany is no longer valid.



04:56AM | 08/09/10
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I installed vinyl clad windows about 11 years ago. I am having problems with rotten seals. MW did send some replacement parts, but this was before they were bought by another company (about five years ago). Recently I was walking around my house inspecting the windows and found the seals, so if there is any good out of this at least I caught the issue before damage to the house occurred. I called the new company, they wanted pictures I explained to them the only way I could send them pictures of the damage was disassemble the window because the damage isn't obvious.They finally put me on hold and when they came back they would only agree to sell me discounted replacements parts.I am thinking about replacing the damaged wood and wraping the window attempting to make a water tight seal (I do not know what to do about condensation). Any suggestions? I am interested in a class action against the company, this is the second replacement issue in 18 years.


07:46PM | 09/14/10
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My husband and I built our home 15 years ago and our lumberyard recommended MW windows. A couple of years ago the windows started rotting. First we noticed one and then another and another. Now we are going to have to replace ALL the windows in our house. The company obviously has some issues with rotting.



02:45PM | 09/25/10
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We live in a development full of M&W windows. All of them are about 10 years old and starting to rot. This is absurd. Many unhappy people.


04:39PM | 09/25/10
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I have left messages with both of the "class action" attorneys that were mentioned in some of the posts. I haven't heard from either one of them yet. Something needs to be done about this.
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