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04:41PM | 06/04/16
My ceiling fan stopped working after a storm/power outage one night. Neither the lights nor the fan work. The breaker never tripped and all outlets and lights on the same circuit work properly. Is it possible that the outage shorted out my fan? If so is that fixable or just a new fan? Is there way to check the fan without wiring it up in another room?

Thank you!


08:34AM | 06/05/16
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Anything is possible but I would say it was not likely.


08:37AM | 06/05/16
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If the light kit has a cover you can remove and check for power without taking everything apart.


06:19PM | 03/18/19
Mine to can't figure it out


04:29PM | 01/05/20
This has happened to me 3x now. All after a storm or power outage. In the past, I changed the remote box inside the fan. I bought another fan, swapped out the remote box and returned it. That worked in the past. But this time I thought I would try to replace it with a remote box that worked with Wi-Fi and Alexa. Damn thing didn’t work. Don’t know if it’s the fan itself, although the light doesn’t work either, or the remote box I bought from Amazon.


08:12AM | 02/17/20
Depends on the situation this can have many scenarios.

Outages and surges are two different things, however outages can cause surges as well.

Most likely if it is just the fan, it could be due to the power outage/surge. It could also just be an old fan.

Every house is 120v, the electrical companies sometimes give surges when repairing whatever it was went out. You must make sure it is them and not you to file and claim.

Your house converts ac/dc, if you have a bad set of breakers on your house then a power outage can cause a small surge to your appliances, causing a burn out.

You can replace or fix your fan also.

Checking power at the fan is a tedious job, so first try checking the switch since its easier to access and then just use a Voltage meter on the wiring to the switch. If its good then it is your fan possibly. If not its the wiring.

Is it the fan or the lighting too?

If its just the fan then you can find replacement motors to swap out. If it is both, then you will be better off buying a whole fan unit again.

If it keeps happening to multiple fans then you need an electrician to fix your wiring. A older model home or even new ones could have had the wrong electrician for the job and they ran the wrong gauge wiring to your outlets and fan, they would need replacements possibly, or if the wiring is okay, then its time to get your breakers replaced.


12:45PM | 08/15/20
Ceiling fan and lights suddenly stopped working after a power outage. However, about a week later both are now working fine. Does this sound like a short somewhere, or possibly loose wire connections in the fan. The rest of the outlets and lights in the room were ok. Note: during the outage, the circuit breakers did not trip.


12:45PM | 05/22/21
Whenever we lose power of turn off the breaker for that room, the ceiling fan won’t work after power is back on. But then if you do it again, sometimes it will start working again. I have no idea with this thing anymore lol


09:37AM | 03/06/22
My remote controlled fan ceased working one day for no apparent reason. Big storm with power outage last night. Now it works again.

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