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04:02PM | 06/02/18
Need 5 boxes of discontinued pergo laminate flooring (montgomery apple) to repair hallway that had some water damage.


02:59PM | 07/04/18
You may luck up and find it at a discount store. I work at the Pergo laminate manufacturing facility and I can tell you that there is no Montgomery Apple here. Try calling the Pergo Factory Outlet store in Garner, NC. That is usually where any left over discontinued product is sent for final sale.


12:13PM | 10/02/18
I have 4 1/2 boxes left. Not sure if I can use it, I have to check my front door entry. If not, you can buy it off of me.


09:20PM | 10/02/18
BVO17565 do you still have the boxes? If the other guy doesn’t need them, I’d love to buy them from you!


03:43PM | 10/11/18
I have one box.


01:56PM | 10/21/18
I am in need of 5 boxes as well so if anyone has some they are willing to sell please email me at Thanks


07:37PM | 10/31/18
I am also seeking one box to do a small repair. If you have any please email me at


05:18PM | 11/04/18
I urgently need a box to repair PLEASE!!


05:52PM | 11/07/18
I have 148 sq ft of Pergo Montgomery Apple laminate flooring. It is used but like new. Professionally installed and uninstalled. Used 3 yrs in a rarely used dining room. No dogs or kids have walked on it.


10:19PM | 11/10/18
I would take a few boxes that are available. BV017897 would you email me photos of what you have? thanks!


11:09AM | 11/12/18
I am in need of boxes of Mongomery Apple for a repair as well.

BV017897, if you have any left after BV017926, I am definitely interested.

BV017648, do you still have your one box?



06:34AM | 11/13/18
I have 23 boxes.


02:02PM | 11/13/18
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BV017956 do you still have boxes available? email at


08:58PM | 11/13/18
I need 2 boxes if anyone has one please email me at


06:07AM | 11/14/18
I need one or two boxes for a hallway repair. Please email me at


08:52AM | 11/14/18
I could use 4 boxes or so, please email me at


05:37PM | 11/14/18
I need 182 sq feet of Montgomery apple , who has some ?


05:37PM | 11/14/18
Please email me


07:18PM | 11/14/18
I am desperately in need of The Pergo Max Montgomery Apple. I need to make a few repairs, only have 1 box left and I can’t find it anywhere. Please email me at


08:13AM | 11/18/18
I would like to buy 3 boxes of Pergo Max Montgomery Apple.


05:05PM | 11/23/18
I have ten boxes in north dallas


05:06PM | 11/23/18
10 boxes text Adam 9727548691


07:25AM | 11/24/18
I need 1 box of mongomery apple to replace some planks. My email is Thank you


06:29PM | 11/24/18
We need 7 boxes if anyone has it - our whole house is done in it, of course. Thank you in advance!


01:34PM | 11/28/18
I am in need of 8 boxes. Can you please contact me at Finishing a floor for a real estate client. How much are you charging?


09:28PM | 11/30/18
My name is Bob, I'm located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and need about 15 boxes to finish the last bedroom in my house. Please if anybody has any boxes and lives close by, contact me at 412 699 0246. Thanks!


09:29PM | 11/30/18
Even if u have one box and live close to PA contact me 412 699 0246


01:10PM | 12/02/18
Still have Montgomery apple? I need some


06:58PM | 12/06/18
Need 10 boxes Pergo Montgomery Apple flooring. I live in Indianapolis. Anybody near that can help?


07:00PM | 12/06/18
Indianapolis need 10 boxes. Forgot to put in contact info. email phone 317-345-1444


05:20PM | 12/08/18
I have three boxes in the Toledo, Oh area $40 each if someone wants them dm7582@GMAIL.COM


06:58PM | 12/09/18

I'm in need of 5 or 6 boxes of the Montgomery Apple Pergo laminate (I bought the ones I have in Lowes about 8 months ago, Item # 370820 10mm). I'm in California.

Please text or email if you have some:
(650) 224-1851



07:46PM | 12/10/18
Does anyone still have any Montgomery Apple Pergo flooring. I’m need of 1 or 2 boxes to finish a hallway that was damaged be a water leak. If so please call 304-282-1657 or email


06:20PM | 12/12/18
I’m also in need of 1 or 2 boxes of Pergo Montgomery Apple. I’m in the North East. Pls email Thank you.


09:37PM | 12/12/18
I have approximately 100 sq ft of gently used flooring in great condition. Located in Florida. Text 3213319198


03:20PM | 12/21/18
i am in need of 1 box of Pergo Montgomery apple if anyone has some please email me at the sku # is 6 04743 01157 8
Part # 370820
Thank you I hope to hear from someone


04:03PM | 12/22/18

Hello - I'm in need of 10 boxes of the Montgomery Apple Pergo laminate (I bought all the ones I in our local Lowes about 8 months ago) I'm in Florida. Please text or email if you have some: or (541) 743-6370 Thanks in advance!


11:32AM | 12/23/18
I'm needing 2 boxes if anyone still has some.


02:26PM | 12/29/18
I am in need of 2 boxes of Pergo Montgomery Apple.


05:03PM | 12/29/18
I have 3 boxes available, formerly Lowe’s item #370820


09:07PM | 12/29/18
For anyone who has any Pergo MAX Montgomery Apple laminate wood flooring, I’d like to buy 8 boxes. Please email I am in Kentucky.


05:54PM | 12/30/18
I need one box of Montgomery apple#370820 live in ny


03:25PM | 01/02/19
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I need two boxes but will buy four or text 401-529-6855


06:19PM | 01/05/19
Hey guys I’m in need of Pergo Montgomery apple. The more the merrier


08:50PM | 01/05/19
If anyone has 5 boxes available, please contact me at! I am trying to finish my kitchen expansion and haven’t been able to find our flooring anywhere! I am located in Indiana, Indianapolis/Lafayette area! Thank you!


09:58AM | 01/06/19
I have three boxes of Montgomery apple available. Purchased them second hand and was lied to about the color so they're useless to me. Located in upstate NY. Email me at


01:41AM | 01/08/19
Hey guys I’m in need of Pergo Montgomery apple. The more the merrier


02:54PM | 01/08/19
I am in need of 3 boxes of the Montgomery apple laminate flooring! Please if anyone has any contact me. I live in Oregon but will pay to have shipped. Thanks


05:25PM | 01/08/19

We had a water leak over Christmas and a few planks got damaged. We have approx 500 sqft of flooring that is like new. We would like to sell it all at once if possible. It is Pergo Max Montgomery Apple. We have had it down for a couple of years and it is in good condition as you can see from the photo. We are located near Wichita, Ks. contact my email


01:11PM | 01/09/19
I have 10 boxes - unopened- in Vermont. Along with 1 1/2 packages of underlayment


01:17PM | 01/09/19
The ten boxes I will sell for $30 a box plus the cost of shipping. Email


09:48PM | 01/13/19
Im also looking for 1 or 2 boxes to finish hallway, please email, located in NY will pick if around tri-state area...


12:34PM | 01/17/19
Looking for any boxes of Montgomery apple. Need for small project.

Located in Georgia


04:07PM | 01/19/19
BV018385 What is your email?


11:38AM | 01/24/19
I have approximately 400 Sq feet of LF 000354 370820 10 mm Pergo Max Montgomery Apply like new professionally taken up due to having my whole house redone. It was only two years old in our breakfast room. Anyone interested?


09:06PM | 01/27/19
I NEED 15 BOXES PLEASE PBIG105607@AOL.COM 502-956-8040


09:19PM | 01/27/19
HEY BV017956 I WILL BUY ALL OF THEM PBIG105607@AOL.COM 502-409-5319


05:52PM | 01/28/19
In need of 1 box (can be gently used/or new) of Montgomery Apple for very small kitchen repair due to water leak. In desperate need!!! Located in North East


03:05PM | 01/30/19
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I have two boxes of Pergomax Montgomery Apple #370820. Purchased them from Lowe's and never used.

Email for details at



10:53PM | 02/18/19
I have 7 boxes of Montgomery Apple. I will sell all 7 boxes. I live in Titus, AL. Text 334-717-0122.


09:39PM | 02/19/19
I’m in Cincinnati and could use a few boxes if anyone has any please contact me


10:05PM | 02/23/19
Looking for 320 sf if any one has some left. I am in Kansas City. Thanks.


01:45PM | 03/03/19
I am in need of 4 boxes of of the pergo montgomery apple if anyone has it. Thank you


05:22PM | 03/06/19
I have one unopened box on Long Island ..


07:47PM | 03/10/19
I need 500 sq feet pergo max Montgomery applewood.. 856 207 4566 New Jersey


09:22PM | 03/10/19
I have 5 boxes, money talks!


09:23PM | 03/10/19
5 boxes, 207-650-5939 money talks, plus shipping!


10:58PM | 03/10/19
I have 8 boxes and a few opened boxes. Also have the 4in1s in Gastonia, NC!


04:15PM | 03/12/19
I have 5 unopened boxes of Montgomery Apple for sale. Live near NYC.


07:34PM | 03/12/19
Anyone near Ft.Worth Texas have Montgomery Apple laminate for sell please email
Thank you!


02:57PM | 03/19/19
I am looking for pergo max Montgomery apple 10mm 5.35-in x 3.96-ft LF000354. I need some to finish my floor. Contact me via text @(731)333-0016.


08:28PM | 03/29/19
I need 1 box. Live in Minnesota. Is this still available? If so please call or text. 612-616-5679. Thanks.


09:03PM | 04/02/19
BV018859 do you still have the flooring in Gastonia if you do call me 8283eight431six8


03:29PM | 04/03/19
Does anyone have any? I literally need 2 boards and that is it. I can't seem to find any anywhere. Does anyone have any that I can buy?? 612-616-5679


09:24PM | 04/07/19
Does anyone have one or two boxes of the Pergo Montgomery Apple laminate flooring I can buy off them? If so please email me at Thank You!


11:49AM | 04/12/19
I also need a few boxes of this if anyone has any!!! I will pick up or pay for shipping 8six4three1four3four8four or I’m located in upstate SC!!!


05:26PM | 04/12/19
We're in desperate need of Montgomery Apple too. We need less than a box. We put the flooring down and came up short! It looks terrible and we're desperate!

We'll definitely pay shipping or come pick up.

Thanks so much!


05:27PM | 04/12/19
Contact information would help!
We're in desperate need of Montgomery Apple too. We need less than a box. We put the flooring down and came up short! It looks terrible and we're desperate!

We'll definitely pay shipping or come pick up.

Thanks so much!


02:12PM | 04/19/19
I went to Lowe’s and the man in flooring was very help ful they have another brand off flooring and it’s called west end apple that fits together and blends perfectly.


08:24PM | 04/26/19
BV019125 Thank you. QuickStep Studio Westend Apple 6.14-in W x 3.93-ft L Smooth Wood Plank Laminate Flooring - looks like it will work. Thank you for posting. I'm in need of 10 boxes myself.


10:46AM | 05/04/19
I have 37 boxes for $40.00 each in Grandview, MO if anyone still needs some.


08:21AM | 05/05/19
Looking to buy Pergo Max Montgomery Apple 10 boxes. Please contact me at Thank you!!


09:03PM | 05/06/19
I'm looking for 3boxes to finish my bedroom that I started already.So I'm in desperate need..U can txt me at 732 670-5105..Clark..thank you


07:05AM | 05/09/19
We have 5 unopened boxes of Montgomery Apple laminate. We are in the SC Midlands. Contact me at if interested.


10:49PM | 05/29/19
Has anyone actually tried the quickstep westend apple? Obviously its wider but is it close in color?


10:48PM | 06/07/19
BV018859 In Gastonia, do you still have the boxes of Prego Montgomery apple?


11:34AM | 06/09/19
I have approximately 200sqft used in good condition that I’m looking to sell off


11:35AM | 06/09/19
...In Pennsylvania.

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